The Friday Five - August 23rd, 2019

Friday, August 23, 2019

Hello lovely friends! If you have been around here for several years, you will know that I used to conduct a "Friday Five" series. I have since deleted some of these posts. In an effort to be more active in the blogging world and to try to revamp my Pinterest (Lawd help it), I thought this would be an excellent way to begin incorporating more stand-alone blog content. I know some of you enjoy reading more than you do watching my videos - I understand, my voice might not be everyone's cup-of-tea LOL. I am hoping that my blog can appeal to you and grow this "Femininity Movement"; p.s, this is what I like to call the influx of women talking about the importance of femininity (which is something I 100% support and LOVE). 

I am going to be experimenting with the structure of these posts. For today, I want to organically list some of my favorites for the week. I am wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Stay tuned for Monday's video, where we will be talking about marriage. 

1. Today is the first day where the morning feels like Autumn and in case you were wondering, I am NOT ready. I do not usually engage in "Fall Hauls", since I like to adopt a more minimalist mindset to my home decor practices. I do however enjoy decorating to some extent, and get my decor fix from the Dollar Tree (you bet I do). An Instagrammer (stepfordwifeuserguide) recommended that I follow #dollartreehaul and #dollartreefinds, and I wanted to pass this on to you!

2. I wanted to share with you my favorite organic casual wine - it is called, Bonterra. I recently learned of the harmful effects of pesticides in wine, and how they tend to be more potent when talking grapes. I am cautious to recommend wine, because I know many of you do not drink alcoholic beverages. I wanted to put a disclaimer out there: you should wait until you are of legal drinking age (I did not drink a sip of alcohol until then), and only consume in moderation. Drinking to get drunk is neither a Christian (and I would bet it is also not a Jewish/Buddhist/Hindu etc.), nor classy, thing to do. 

3. You all must follow Mrs. Hinch. I have been following her for at least a year, and I noticed that she is back from her maternity leave. She is a cleaning Queen. If you have watched some of my Vlogs, you will know that I have a handy-dandy notebook that I use to list everything in my life (from the things that I need to buy, to the tasks that I need to accomplish). Her "Hinch List" actually serves as inspiration for this notebook. I also derive inspiration from her cleaning routines - particularly, her bathroom cleaning techniques. She lives in Britain, so her cleaning products differ slightly. However, I have come to notice that there exists Canadian and American version of these products often by the same company but with differing names (for example, "Cif" is called "Vim" in Canada).

4. Have you watched my collaboration with Ina from, That Feminine Housewife? I would recommend that you watch both of our videos, and that you definitely subscribe to her channel. I know that many of you are seeking more homemaking/feminine inspiration. Her channel is similar to mine, and I know that you will love her content.

5. In messages with some of you, we have talked Faith. I was always reluctant to include this topic genre in my videos and blogs, since I did not want to exclude non-Christian women. I would say that my "Faith Walk" was somewhat unique, and has probably shaped my reluctance to incorporate it into my content. I feel as though, however, it may be time to begin sharing this with you. The truth is that I spent weeks praying over the start of my YouTube channel before actually creating it; I wanted to offer something unique but similar enough to build community with women of similar beliefs. The point I want to conclude with, is that I heard God whisper?say? that I needed to take a risk in sharing my beliefs. I also realized that God wants me to exert and grow my patience. It is not always easy being a small YouTuber talking about controversial things - real talk lol. Regardless, I try to put consistent everyday effort into forming genuine friendships with all of you (which, by the way, has been the biggest blessing in my life), and I believe this is exactly where God wants me to be. 

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