Winter Florals

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dress: Tahari (similar here)
Earrings: Unknown gold and pearl (similar here)

There's something about winter florals that I absolutely love. If you were to wear this dress in the winter however, I would probably suggest wearing some sort of cardigan/scarf/jacket over it, although when indoors, this dress alone would be perfect for a nice dinner or a social event. I would normally pair this dress with my black Aldo pumps. You could also "play-it-up" with jewellery like this for an edgier look. In this look however, I decided to keep it simple with some pearl earrings

I've put together a few winter floral dress ideas below that remind me of this look.
Top: Left//Right
Bottom: Left//Right

What do you think about wearing floral patterns in winter?

Dog Walking Attire

Friday, January 6, 2017

Jacket: New Balance (same brand, similar style here

Being back in Windsor for the Holidays was so great for my dogs. The weather is fairly mild in comparison to Montreal and so they spent a lot of time outdoors, which I am so happy about! 
Today I thought I'd share with you my "dog-walking outfit" along with a few photos of my chows. The outfit consists of Hunter Boots, jeggings and a New Balance athletic jacket. I'd like to emphasize how the boots are key when walking my dogs, since I never know when they will want to venture off-path. 

What do you wear to walk your dog(s)?

Review: Vichy Aqualia Thermale Awakening Eye Balm

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

*Don't mind the smudged label, it's proof that I used it a lot!
What it is
The Vichy Aqualia Thermale Awakening Eye Balm is an under-eye cream that "helps to counteract signs of fatigue, including dark circles and puffiness"

The price of this product is not that bad (at around $30) and comes from a reputable company. The unique thing about Vichy is that they only use water from the hot springs town of Vichy, France, in their product. I've already done a review on another Vichy product here.

What I like 
It is a very light-weight formula, kind of like the texture of hair-gel, however it dries pretty much instantly. That being said, it does not leave an "oily" feeling under your eyes. 

This is the perfect formula for someone with "young skin" since it pretty much targets this population. If you're someone under the age of 25, this would be perfect for you. 

What I don't like
I'm not exactly certain how much this product reduces dark circles as it does for puffiness. It is also a fairly mild treatment, so I wouldn't necessarily purchase this if you have specific "issues" with your under-eye circles, since it probably wouldn't do much to repair them as it would to "upkeep" them in a healthy condition (hopefully what I'm saying makes sense). I also would not use this product if you are prone to dry skin around your eyes.

The Verdict
I would repurchase this product due to liking the Vichy beauty line and the price. I however wouldn't rate it as an "amazing" product.

What's your favorite under-eye product?

2017 Resolutions

Monday, January 2, 2017

Hanger: Unknown (similar here)
Agenda: Bando
Coupe Glass: Indigo (almost identical here)

I thought it would be fun to share with you all a few of my 2017 resolutions. More practically, writing them down here will give me a place to store them. These may seem a bit generic and this is of course not a comprehensive list (I'm sure there are several others I will want to add over the next few days), nevertheless I figured it might make for an interesting post. Cheers and happy reading!
  • Take my blog to the "next level" - experiment with different types of photography, styles and a variety of posts
  • Spend more time without my phone thanks to this
  • Put mental health first
  • Stick to using my agenda daily  
  • Start 1 new hobby 
  • Go summer exploring and camping with my husband and dogs (yes, I need to force myself to stop working and go out and have fun)
  • Improve my cooking skills and create my own family cookbook 
  • Speak with my parents and brother more often
  • Work through this Montreal food guide
What are some of your 2017 resolutions?

Flirting with Minimalism

Sunday, January 1, 2017

*Wearing some of my favorite wardrobe repeats this season*
Sweater: Vero Moda (similar here)

Since we just turned the page on 2016 and are now welcoming 2017, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to talk about my relatively recent lifestyle change: minimalism. Now, I wouldn't necessarily call myself a perfect minimalist, however, about a year ago I began to adopt the minimalist way of thinking. Since I'm kind of a "cafeteria minimalist", I like to refer to this way of thinking/acting as "flirting with minimalism" (hence the blog title). What is minimalism you ask? Basically, it is the act of living with less. In other words, intentionally downsizing the quantity of possessions that you own. 

What attracted me toward this lifestyle was the freedom to be able to move from city to city (or house to house), without feeling overwhelmed by all of my possessions. About a year ago I had no idea where life would take me, but I knew that I didn't want to feel confined to my "things". I realized that I was spending so much money on items that I rarely used and that I was sort of burying myself in all of my "stuff". I also wanted to adopt a habit that would grant me financial freedom, regardless of my projected income; this lifestyle will truly allow you to "live a champagne life on a beer budget". 

The following are a few tips/suggestions that I have learned in this journey toward minimalism:

  • You only need 1 of everything. This especially applies to your wardrobe. You do not need 10 navy sweaters, trust me.
  • Speaking of your wardrobe, this post I made about a year ago should help you out. Some of the tips here will be repeated.
  • Never go shopping without a list. The stores are designed to distract you from your initial "mission", and you have a high likelihood of even forgetting why you took the trip to the store in the first place.
  • Just stop buying all the cooking products. You do not need a sausage maker - unless of course making this food is something you do frequently, then by all means keep this in your life!
  • If you don't absolutely love it, chuck it. Read this book and it will change your life.
  • Inspire yourself and create a Pinterest board including "minimalist home" images.
  • Joining the minimalist Youtube community will help you remain motivated as you adopt the minimalist lifestyle.
I hope these points have inspired you to "flirt with minimalism". I would love to hear about your experience with minimalism!

Tell me your thoughts on minimalism