Wine Review: Amarone Classico - Tommasi 2012

Friday, July 15, 2016

If you know me well, you'll know I love trying new wines. Since I usually only share my opinion of the new ones I try with my fiancĂ©, mom and sorority little (shoutout to Rachel), I decided it might be of interest to some of you if I shared it on my blog!

To kick off my series of wine review posts, I thought I would start off with the Tommasi Amarone Classico 2012, a vintage red wine from the Valpolicella varieties found in Italy. A little bit on the "pricier" side, this wine is still well worth it. It is a very dark, bold, and heavy wine. I would describe it as very warm. It has darkened aromas of blackberry and candied cherry, but also has some spice to it. You can find out more detailed information about it here

I really enjoyed this wine and it is one that I would definitely re-purchase. I am more of a red-wine kind of girl and I would say that this one definitely passes the test. If you're looking to pair this specifically with a certain type of food, I would suggest serving it with red meat (steak), cheese and/or a pasta dish. Since it is vintage, it is known as more of a special occasion wine, however I wouldn't necessarily limit it to just that - with the right accompanied meal, this wine is excellent for any day of the week.

To summarise, here is my overall rating...
Appearance: Good
Aroma and Bouquet: Excellent 
Taste and Texture: Excellent 
Aftertaste: Good
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

Please tell me about a wine you think I should try!