Casual Party Etiquette

Friday, August 2, 2019

Hello lovely friends! Today's entry is a follow-up to the video I posted about "Casual Party Etiquette". I have a great interest in all things etiquette, since it was something valued in my household growing up. My mom attended the traditional finishing school classes, and instilled in me all of the knowledge she acquired along the way. I took such an interest in it that in university I was actually assigned to teach my sorority these traditional etiquette skills.

In the beginning of the video, I emphasized the importance of using etiquette as a tool in expressing femininity. Etiquette is a form of respect that lays the foundation for good relationships. Having excellent manners helps others feel comfortable in your presence - the opposite causes distraction. Exuding this comfort is a very feminine thing to do, as the feminine woman is inherently nurturing in her interaction with others. 

Every season I will be bringing you new etiquette tips. I wanted to begin this series with a simplistic lesson on casual party etiquette. Many of these tips are quite straightforward, however, I believe that it always helps you have a coach cheering you on! As always, I have summarized the video below.

1. Attire
I mentioned the importance of bringing a cardigan, as we transition into fall. I also emphasized the importance of wearing shoes with ankle support, due to potentially transitioning from indoor to outdoor spaces (uneven ground). I highlighted the fact that flip-flops are only appropriate for around the pool. As always, the rule of thumb is that you want to dress in a way where you would feel comfortable having someone take a picture of you at all angles. Remembering this concept will help you dress both modestly and fashionably. 

Take note that you will want to bring a bag with a zipper, to ensure that you possessions do not fall out. You are also going to want to bring a change of clothes and a bag for your swimsuit, if you are attending a summer pool party. 

2. Timing
For casual parties, you want to arrive on-time or within the first 10/15 minutes. For more formal events, it would be acceptable to arrive slightly early. In comparison however, last minute details might be thrown together at casual parties. You do not want to arrive when the host is in the middle of finalizing details.

3. Host(-ess) gift
For casual parties, you want to bring something that will add to the party. Think, food (snacks like chips) and alcohol.

4. Help the host(-ess)
Offering your help is a very feminine thing to do. Instead of asking if there is anything you can do to help, insert yourself naturally into the situation. You can therefore say: "Let me help you with that". Being naturally receptive to the needs of others is going to help you further grow and develop in your femininity.  

5. Conversation
It is important to steer clear of topics surrounding sex/money/gossip/politics. Casual parties are intended for everyone to mingle. When you begin speaking about sensitive topics, you narrow you socialization circle. Remember, the feminine woman exudes openness. You may also cause for tension and discomfort in others. Please watch and read about good conversation, here

6. Eat and drink beforehand
When we are engaging with others in a high stimulus setting, it is easy for us to forget if we are hungry or thirsty; this will cause us to feel "hangry". If you are swimming, your body may also feel falsely hydrated due to the physical presence of water around you. In addition, if you are drinking and/or in the heat, you will become dehydrated more quickly. It always helps you drink water and eat a snack before heading-out to a social event.

7. Exiting
Since this is a casual party, you do not have to say goodbye to all of the attendees. What you must do however is thank you host prior to leaving. 

8. Put you phone away
Our tendency is to overshare on social media. When you are preoccupied with capturing the perfect moment, you forget to actually live in the moment. Being able to live in the moment and soak in new experiences is a very feminine thing to do. 

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