Dermarolling (microneedling)

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Please don't mind the green bathroom - this is the last part of the house we will be renovating over the next few months... Anyway, on to an exciting topic that I have been very wanting to share for some time now - microneedling/dermarolling. I have been dermarolling for about 2 months now, and I must say that this little product is a miracle one! It has helped me with my adult-acne, exfoliation, and fine-line prevention.

So, what is dermarolling? You may or may not have heard about it due to the hype of this product (which is basically an overpriced dermaroller with a light - I don't think you need to spend $$$ to get the same result, just saying). Dermarolling, is an at-home micro needling treatment that has been around for several years. The concept behind it is quite simple - the roller contains many small needles that create microscopic wounds on your skin, tiny enough not to produce a scar and just enough to stimulate "repair". Your skin is essentially tricked into producing collagen and elastin (all that good stuff) to repair itself from these tiny wounds.

So, why should you be doing this? After the age of 25 (or as early as 18), collagen production decreases by about 1% per year, which leads to aging. Dermarolling is also an excellent way to help repair acne scars and diminish the appearance of stretch marks. Regardless of your concern, dermarolling makes your skin feel like a "baby's bottom", and is worth it based on that fact alone.

So, how often should you be dermarolling? Honestly, it is up to you. I do it once every 2 weeks. However, some recommend as little as once per month. If you have sensitive skin, you should probably stick to a longer period of time in between. I use a 0.25mm dermaroller due to my thin skin and the fact that I don't have deep set wrinkles just yet (fingers crossed). If you have particularly complex skin issues, it is advised to check with your healthcare professional before starting this treatment.

So, where do you get it? I purchased mine on amazon, but you can also get one here. As stated, I do not use one with long needles. However, if you have deeper wrinkles, you may want to go for something closer to 1.5mm. 

If you have been micro needling at home with a dermaroller, I would love to hear your thoughts!