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I often receive the same questions on YouTube, Tik Tok and Instagram that I cannot simply answer in a few words. For this reason, I will post the most frequently asked ones here and will update periodically as I receive more!

Where do you get your information about homemaking and femininity?

I share the things I've learned about homemaking from trial and error in my own life as well as from my mother. My information on femininity comes mostly from pageants and modelling, having competed in them since the age of 16. 

How old are you?

1993 baby, but as I get older I like to say that I'm on the cusp of 1994 lol (1.5 months difference)!

What is your personality type?

I am an INFJ.

What kind of dogs do you have? What kind of cat do you have?

The two darker ones are Chow Chows and the white one is a Samoyed. My cat was a Maine Coon; he unfortunately passed away recently.

How tall are you?

I am 5’7”.

Where do you live?

I live in southern Canada, in an area bordering Michigan.

You look a lot like another femininity influencer and you make similar content, were you inspired by her?

No. However, there's nothing wrong with being influenced by someone else; women thrive in community settings (this is why I founded the hashtag #thefemininityrevolution) and you all inspire me everyday to be a better woman! I think a lot of people aren't aware of femininity blogs and channels that have been around for years. For example, I remember listening to femininity videos by Mina Irfan and Candice Oneida (even Teal Swan had femininity content years ago) as far back as 2013. I've also always participated in online discussions and forums on reddit about femininity and homemaking. Since I was battling mental health issues and was so busy with school, I never had the opportunity to actually start my YouTube channel until 2019. I've always wanted to start a YouTube channel and even made a femininity video that got 10 views, in which I deleted out of embarrassment haha, several months before officially committing. I remember vividly reminding myself of how there will never be a perfect time to start a project, so I decided to take the plunge and make videos about 1.5/2 years ago (hence the low quality and awkwardness of my first few videos lol).  

I believe that the cultural climate in the western world had kind of pushed an influx of new femininity creators to the forefront in 2019, particularly allowing a few channels to grow rapidly. Despite my channel being founded at the same time as others, I did not experience the same luck in growth. Sadly, due to my similarities and physical resemblance to a larger creator, I have been the target of cyber-bullying and hyper-analysis on a few occasions. I prayed about it and realized that actually altering my message and brand to deliberately differentiate myself in some big way, would in that case be inauthentic to who I truly am. 

Did you go to nursing school or medical school? I saw you posted about both. Why did you drop out?

I attended an international medical school for a short while in 2016. I decided it wasn't for me after discussing the truth about work-life balance with a few professors there. I also realized I was simply chasing societal approval, having always grown up as a "smart kid" (going to medical or law school was just "the thing to do"). I started blogging in 2015/2016 (I recently archived a few posts that didn't fit with the new theme of my blog), so you may have also read me mention nursing school if you've been around for a while. When I returned to Canada, I thought perhaps nursing would be a good alternative that would solve my work-life balance issue but I realized it didn't, and it was just a milder form of the same problem. I took a few pre-requisite nursing courses that would allow me to get accepted into a fast-track program and worked a bit in a few nursing settings (retirement homes and nursing assistant). It's kind of a long story, so when I refer to this time in my life I tend to just stick to explaining the medical school part because that is when the real "ah-ha" moment happened and afterward was simply experimenting with different choices. 

Why don't you have kids?

When we first got married I was going through depression and was in the peak of my anxiety disorder. I was taking medication that could have potential negative side-effects if I were to become pregnant. I took the birth-control pill for a few months, which I ended up regretting and it gave me very bad symptoms. We then decided to practice NFP while I worked through these issues. It took 1 year to get over quitting my medication, and a year later (late 2019) we decided to start trying. We eased into our journey by not preventing but not being sticklers about it, and I got pregnant late spring 2020. Sadly, I miscarried a few weeks later (see this video). We had to wait a few months due to medical reasons and then we started actively trying. If I don't become pregnant by my next birthday (November 2021), we will seek more specialist advice. Since I am Catholic, we do not believe in IVF, so we would be looking into more natural methods and adoption. 

Why did you decide to be a homemaker?

I talked a bit about it in this Q&A, but it was the "perfect storm" of many reasons. I felt especially drawn to homemaking after deepening my faith and realizing that the high-powered career path was not what I wanted to do but rather what I had been told to do as a modern womanI feel much more "liberated" as a housewife than in any other role and this is why I have become so passionate about sharing my joy with others. 

What is your faith? What is your testimony?

I am a practicing Roman Catholic. Half of my family is Protestant (on my father's side), so I'm very aware of our differences but feel as though we have many more commonalities to celebrate than factors that distinguish us from one another. This is why I present a broad Christian message on my channel; the world has enough separation nowadays and I am a big proponent in coming together to be a light in the darkness of this world. I almost left the faith between 2012-2015 after being bullied. I had 98% made my decision on leaving but prayed for God to provide me with a sign if I was meant to stay. A few days later, I stumbled upon a few life-changing resources that gave me my answer. If you're interested in Catholicism the simplest place to start is the Catholic Answers show. 

What is your heritage?

My father's side is mostly German with a bit of Dutch and my mother's side is French. French was my first language. 

Is Loewen your married name?

No. I kept using my maiden name online mostly for privacy and the fact that I started blogging before getting married. We also lived in Montreal when we first got married and considered moving back (we still are always considering this), and you cannot legally change your last name in the province of Quebec. People would think my husband was related to me lol...

Are you lying about your hair color? Hair growth tips?

This one is a funny one since there are entire posts dedicated to disproving what I say lol (very strange). I stopped highlighting my hair in late 2019 since I wanted to add length and strengthen it. I have naturally dark blonde hair. My hair stylist explained to me how many assume dark blonde hair is light brown hair since we tend to have a warped understanding of hair color in the west, due to the fact that almost every blonde lightens their hair. I think maybe some people believe I have a superiority complex surrounding blonde hair???, BUT I assure you I think ALL hair colors are beautiful and if you were to ask me which hair color is my favorite you'd be surprised to know that it is actually... red hair! In fact, I often joke with my husband about how I hope our future baby has red hair (blonde+brown = sometimes red!), because I think redhead babies are just so darn cute!

As for tips, I would recommend you use scrunchies to tie your hair and let it get oily a few days a week. I also stopped using dry shampoo and started incorporating leave-in conditioners. I have very fine hair and I was able to add volume by concentrating on my vitamin intake.

How do you maintain your weight?

My weight fluctuates very easily since I have an endomorph body type. Reducing stress has been a big factor for me, and a big part of that was throwing away my scale. I take a more balanced approach to my beauty now (see this video). For exercise, I walk, do ballet-barre and love a good pilates video tutorial.

Do you follow any particular diet?

I try to eat plant-based. I still eat meat almost everyday, but my ideal is eating loads of veggies. 

How's your mom doing?

My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 Mucosal Melanoma approximately 2 years ago. She will never be cancer-free and she brushed death twice. She is however currently thriving and living a full-life with cancer, thanks to a doctor who gave her a chance to receive a particular immunotherapy. They've actually called her a "walking miracle" since most people with her type of cancer pass away within 6 months. Her treatment is currently stabilizing her and I pray to have her around for many more years. 

Have you gotten any "work done"?

I had a bad deviated septum (nose) that also impacted my breathing, so I got rhinoplasty when I was 18. I have had dental surgery, retainers and braces as a teenager. I also did cool-sculpting while in pageants. Otherwise, I do not believe in filler and botox, since I have seen too many models in my personal circle damage their face by getting these done too young (please note, if you do these I am NOT judging you - you do you girl and I support whatever makes you feel confident!<3). As mentioned in this video, I engage in gua-sha and the practice of training my forehead not to move. 

What does your husband do for a living?

He is a contractor and real-estate investor. 

You seem well-off but you shop at thrift stores? 

As a Christian, I do not believe in placing my identity in monetary value. Life is hard and there will be periods where we may have a lot and others where we may be struggling financially. I also think that the mark of a truly elegant woman, is that you can often not tell her income level; these are two different things. 

70% of my wardrobe is from consignment and thrift stores because it is just so much better for the environment. I also love the "thrill of the hunt" and believe in living below your means. My mother taught me how to budget shop as a child and it's a skill I want to pass on to my future children. 

Where do you buy your clothes?

As mentioned above, most of my clothing is from consignment/thrift shops. My favorite mainstream stores are Banana Republic, Club Monaco and French Connection. My favorite department store is the Hudson’s Bay Company.

Why do we never see your husband?

I know there are a lot of conspiracy theories floating around concerning my husband haha, but he genuinely just doesn't like to be on camera. 

Do you believe all women should be feminine homemakers?

I recognize that my lifestyle is not for everyone and would not want to force it on anyone. I do believe that there are many women who long for a more traditional life but feel the pressure of modern culture to be a "boss babe". I also recognize that there are many women who cannot afford to be housewives, so I always try to differentiate between "homemaker" and "housewife", and encourage all women to practice the art of homemaking if they feel drawn to it. My goal is to help contribute to the movement of women who are making femininity and homemaking more socially acceptable. 


If you would like to reach me or work with me individually, I would love to hear from you via email.



  1. So many of my questions answered! Cynthia, I really pray you are blessed with as many healthy babies as you wish to have and wish you a lovely happy family life ❤

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  3. I found your YouTube channel and love it! I recently quit my full time job as a news editor, and I am living my SAHM and homemaking dream. I am so delighted to find out you're Catholic ❤️ I am as well!