My Quick Sunday Beauty Routine

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday is probably my most favorite day of the week. Apart from the fact that I usually have to catch up on work around my home, I usually find the time to invest into a more elaborate beauty routine. However, sometimes life gets in the way and my Sunday is a little less relaxing than intended. Considering that it is essential for my mental well-being to have some "me-time", regardless of how short it may be, on my busier Sundays I opt for a downsized beauty routine. This enables me to start my week of right, and reserves at least some of my self-care ritual. Today I thought I'd share with you a few of the things I make a point of including almost every Sunday in my beauty routine.

Nail Maintenance 
I don't always paint my nails, however when I do have the time, it's always on a Sunday. I used to own so many different colors of nail polish, but quickly realized that I would usually gravitate to the red shades. For that reason, I threw out pretty-much every other shade in my collection apart from a few of my favorite reds. If I'm doing a quick Sunday beauty routine, I always make sure to paint my nails since it is one of the simplest steps in helping me feel put-together all week long.

Skin Care
For skin care, I always use some sort of face mask on Sundays. I'm one of those "out of sight out of mind" people, and so I always mark it in my planner that I need to do a face-mask every Sunday or else I will forget for weeks on end. This week I chose to use this face mask, as I find my skin more oily as the temperature outside warms up.

Since it is not quite summer yet, I have currently also been using this Chanel face cream at night instead of the Vichy one that I used to use, simply due to the fact that it provides me with deeper hydration. 

Brow Care

I get my eyebrows threaded every 3 months, and so in between I schedule to tweeze whatever may be growing out of line. Since everyone appears obsessed with perfect brows these days, including brow care in your routine will enable you to keep up with this trend, all the while providing symmetry to your face.


There's nothing worse than getting into the shower and realizing that you are out of a certain product! For this reason, I made it a habit to check my beauty supplies weekly and make a list of what I may need to purchase this upcoming week.


I thoroughly clean my glasses every Sunday, whiten my teeth as maintenance, deeply moisturize my hands and feet, and clean my most frequently worn jewelry. I featured the Shick Intuition in the photo above since it is seriously the best razor I have ever used, and I would never had discovered it unless someone passed along the message like I am now! It is also important to note that the choice to teeth whitener that you use is very important! Not all whiteners are regulated and can do some serious damage to your teeth. A recommended list of the best teeth whiteners can be found here

What does your Sunday/weekend beauty routine look like?

Little Workwear Dress

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dress: French Connection (similar here)
Heels:  Winners (similar here)

If I worked in an office environment where I had to dress-up everyday, you can be sure that I would be wearing something like this. I purchased this dress from French Connection a while ago and although I haven't once worn it to work, I found several other occasions to wear it due to its versatility. To compliment this outfit, I also reached for my Louis Vuitton Speedy due to its classic shape and dark color.

I hope that you enjoyed this post! Thank you for all of your feedback on Instagram as of late - I truly appreciate all of the support as a new blogger.

What do you think of this outfit for the office?

Springtime Yellow

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Blazer: CocoLove (similar here save and here, splurge here and here)
Heels: Asos
Clutch: BCBG 

Yellow is one of my favorite colors, yet, even if you are one of my closest friends, you probably don't know this. The reason why I'm not too quick to admit it, is because yellow is a color that doesn't usually look good on my pale skin. For some reason, this blazer breaks that mold and somehow fits my style perfectly! I have to admit, I've had it for quite some time, but it continues to last me year after year! This is one of the several reasons that I decided to feature this look on my blog today. Click on the links above, and you can shop some different options depending on your budget. I have also recreated the look, below...

What do you think of yellow as a spring/summer color?

My Favorite Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

With busy days comes stress, and with stress sometimes comes less than favourable lifestyle choices. Long-story short, over the past year my diet has definitely not been the healthiest. I attribute this to my hectic schedule, but also to the fact that I had not been well-equipped to cook EASY and healthy meals that fit into my schedule and don't cost me that much.  I'm not one to keep these types of things personal(my weight loss journey), so I thought it would be fun to share with you my favorite crockpot recipes and perhaps a few other posts over the weeks about my progress toward my goal of loosing 10 pounds. 

I chose this crockpot since it is a great size for my life. I usually have leftovers and if my husband likes the particular recipe cooking, there is enough for him to have a generous portion. I decided to 

feature the Kate Spade recipe book, since they have such adorable kitchen products. I also use this book for practical purposes since it is where I store all of the recipes that I am featuring below.

I'd love to hear about your favorite slow cooker recipes!

Chilly Spring Mornings

Monday, May 15, 2017

Cardigan: Forever 21
Scarf: Muffle (similar here)
Shoes: Anne Klein
Bracelet: Alex and Ani

Although we are often wearing lighter layers in the afternoon here in Montreal, the mornings still remain quite chilly! For this reason, I thought I'd share with you my go-to look for this type of early morning weather. 

I love these types of cardigans since they look like jackets but feel like sweaters, and are also therefore easy to fold up into your bag later in the day when the weather warms up. Since I wake up quite early (around 6am, unfortunately), I need a versatile look like this. I also find comfort in an oversized spring scarf like this one, so I can at least wear some form of comfort that resembles my bed after my early morning wake up call(lol). I've paired the outfit with these jeans since they are one of my most comfortable pairs, and Anne Klein flats, since they sell the most comfortable of shoes.

I'd finally like to mention this classic bag, that I would highly recommend to anyone as a "starter" designer bag. Although it isn't necessarily practical, it is versatile in that it can be worn casually. The main reason I would recommend it however is due to the fact that it is durable and is relatively reasonably priced (considering you are paying for coated canvas and not leather! - this talk for another day).
Hope you enjoyed this look! What do you think?