Winter Uniform

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Black jeans: Buffalo 
Navy turtleneck: Navy Turtleneck (similar here)

Stemming from the theme of minimalism discussed in a previous post, I thought I'd share with you what I like to call my "winter uniform". Of course this isn't technically a "uniform", however it is a basic outfit that I gravitate toward during the winter months. You can also see a similar winter study look in this post I made last year. I do experiment with different styles/outfits, however tend to do so on the weekends or while not in class. Since I get easily overwhelmed when given many options, establishing a type of "uniform" for my weekdays has worked out quite nice for my lifestyle. 

As you can tell by all of my winter posts, I love black pants - whether they are jeans or some form of stretchy pant. I'm also someone that often wears turtlenecks as a result of the weather here in Montreal. I have a lot of different coloured turtlenecks and many different options for black pants that all fit the same type of look.

Bonus fact is that this "uniform" mindset seems to be adopted by many successful individuals, which I thought was very interesting. Long-story short, simplifying your work/school wardrobe helps to eliminate wasted decisional energy, thus enabling you to direct this energy toward other (often more important) things.

Do you have a "uniform"? What does yours consist of?