Over-the-knee Boots

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Winners "fab find" (similar)
Lord & Taylor cashmere scarf (similar)

The verdict is in, these over-the-knee boots are super comfortable and definitely stylish! When putting them on, I feel as if I've walked into the 70s (is that that appropriate time?). Either way, I am definitely in love with over-the-knee faux-suede boots! They are the perfect touch when worn with a casual outfit, however would also go equally well dressed-up with a skirt or dress. I have linked several below that are just as cute and are in a few different colors. You can be sure that I will certainly be snagging a few of these soon.
The outfit is linked above and in the photos below. Apart from the boots, a few essentials here include my favorite black pants and a cashmere scarf.

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have a super fun day and safe night!

What do you think of the over-the-knee boot trend?

Blue Trumpet

Monday, October 30, 2017

Michael Kors scarf (similar)
Street shop earrings (similar)

I will admit I went a little overboard with the forever 21 in this outfit, however I could not resist but to feature a few of my favorite items from a purchase last week. The sweater in this picture is stretchy (in a good way), soft and features the most adorable sleeves. The skirt I paired with it is also a favorite due to the ruffle trim and the fact that it is made out of faux-suede (giving it a fall vibe). I paired the combo with my favorite furry heels and leather bag, a patterned neck scarf, and some bright blue earrings. You can browse the look via the links above or the photos below.

In other news, they are putting in the flooring in a portion of my  house this week, which is super exciting - one step closer to moving in. My goal is for us to be in by Christmas, although I assume there will still be work to be done into the Spring (renovations always get pushed back - fact of life). The truth is that we can realistically move in when everything in the house is done except the kitchen and then tough it out while they redo it (take-out everyday). In the meantime, the chows, husband and I are enjoying the time spent living with family since it will not be like this for long- life is so unpredictable that we have to cherish every "season" of it, since we do not know what will come next! To take my mind off of all the chaos of career shift (that talk for another day) and house stuff, my mom and I have booked a trip to Vegas to go see my friend Lauren Howe (the newly crowned Miss Universe Canada) compete in Miss Universe. We extended the trip by a few extra days so that we will have some time to relax. The last time I was in Vegas I was not old enough to do much of anything but observe, so if you have any must-see/must-eat/must-shop please send it my way! Travelling with my mom is so much fun since we are basically the same person and our trips always include a lot of coffee/wine stops and taking things at a slow pace.

I hope you have have a great Monday and an amazing week! 

What do you think of this look?

Hot Pink Cardigan

Friday, October 27, 2017

Old Navy heels (similar)
Vuarnet sunglasses (similar)

If I could describe my personality in one outfit, it would probably be this. I love wearing black clothing and find the lace on this camisole to be especially darling, am obsessed with leopard print heels, and I have a thing for gold and tassel earrings along with a soft spot for anything pink. This combo makes me incredibly excited, I could not help but to share this post with you even though it was planned for next week on the blog (oops).

I would highly recommend this cardigan in particular since it is so cozy and provides just the right amount of warmth. It also gives a pop of color, and thus some personality to an ordinary black outfit. The Tahari pants are something that you have seen on repeat since I own a few pairs, however are also a staple in my wardrobe since they are stretchy yet look much dressier than a comfort pant would. 

I hope you are all having a great end of the week! If you are celebrating Halloween this weekend, I hope that you stay safe!

What do you think of this look?

Pumpkin Patch

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hermes scarf (similar)
Rainboots (similar)

I love pumpkin everything - fact. For this reason, Autumn is one of my favourite times of year! If I could visit the pumpkin patch on the daily, drink pumpkin spiced lattes and fill my plate with pumpkin pie yearly, I probably would (no shame).  I usually visit the same pumpkin patch in my area, however could not help but notice that a small and cute one popped up in my neighbourhood. I just couldn't resist but to stop by and pick out some pumpkins for all of the recipes that I will be creating throughout the week. 

This sweater is one that I purchased a while ago, but continues to be put back in stock at Banana Republic for the season (I assume due to popular demand). I have seen several other bloggers style it as well, which goes to show how amazing it truly is! It also comes in white, and I can definitely attest to the fact that it is worth the price tag for the quality! I completed the outfit with a classic pair of rainboots, my favorite jeans, and my wallet on a chain. I also could not help but color coordinate with the pumpkin patch, by styling an orange scarf (predictable, but I love it).

If you live in the Windsor/Essex county area, I would love to hear about your favorite pumpkin patches to visit!

Pink For Fall

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Anne Klein boots (similar)

I am absolutely thrilled that pink in Autumn has now become a trend, because, who doesn't love the color! I am usually hesitant about wearing light colors in any season other than Spring or Summer, however I am stepping out of my "comfort zone", aka wearing less black in the colder months, and incorporating pink into my wardrobe. Today I thought I'd feature this adorable peplum top with frills (cad here) that I couldn't help but snag from Boohoo while recently visiting their online shop. The top also comes in black (as pictured below) and I am definitely contemplating purchasing it in that color as well! You can shop this color in a variety of styles below, in addition to clicking on this link (cad here) to find the exact top that I am wearing.

The jeans I purchased are also an absolute love in my fall wardrobe and have become a staple - you will most likely see me style them on repeat since I purchased two pairs of the dark wash color. The boots I chose to style this outfit are old, however I have linked similar here. I also couldn't resist but to complete the look with my favorite fall bag, the classic Louis Vuitton Speedy. You can shop the entire look through the links above as well as the photos below.

In other news, I am excited to share with you some new items I have coming in the mail for this season! I have been doing some major online shopping, going through thousands of items and picking the ones that I think you would all love best. The best thing about the style blog aspect of this website is the satisfaction of knowing that I truly did "dig up" the best items at the best deal for you guys.

I hope you all are having an awesome week and talk to you soon!

What do you think of wearing the color pink in Autumn(Fall)?

Woosh Beauty

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Denver Hayes turtleneck (similar)
Kenzie jeans (similar)

Hello friends! It has been a long time since I posted about beauty, but the reason behind that is that I have simply been holding out for the best. However today is the day that I reveal to you the best, a recent discovery, Woosh BeautyI have been using the fold-out face in shade #2 medium light and the spin-on lip gloss duo in rich nudes, for about a week now. After having felt relatively confident in my skill with the product, I thought it was time to share it with you.

I am always skeptical about writing beauty posts, simply because I have been through so many products during my time competing in beauty pageants, many of which I was not too fond of. My number one concern has always been finding pigmented product that stays in place and I must say that Woosh Beauty definitely passes the test. The look I created with the fold-out face palette is an everyday one, and I can confidently say that this product is SO incredibly build-able that you can certainly create an intense glamorous look suitable for special occasions if you so choose. 

The fold-out face in particular has 13 full-sized cosmetics strategically positioned in step-by-step order, which makes it very convenient to use and helps cut back on the time it takes to go through your beauty routine. I am all about minimizing clutter and creating for the perfect beauty routine, and so I also absolutely love the compact packaging and easy to follow steps. The fold-out face also comes with a super soft high-quality brush set, which I know I will get very good use of for a long time. 

I am not usually a lip-gloss girl, but was particularly drawn to testing out the spin-on lip gloss duo, and am definitely glad that I did! The combo I picked paired so well, and rolled on my lips super nicely upon application. I also love that they look equally good together or separately.

I absolute love that Woosh is a female operated company. When opening the fold-out face in particular, you cannot help but notice the cute definition of a "pro-girl":someone who supports, rather than compete, with other women. Any line focused on improving the lives of women is a win in my books!

This post was created in collaboration with Woosh Beauty. All opinions are my own*

What do you think of Woosh Beauty and the fold-out face?

The Prettiest Cold-Shoulder Tops for Fall

Monday, October 2, 2017

Lulumari blouse (similar and similar)
Marc Jacobs black heels (similar)

The cold-shoulder trend is making its way into fall and I cannot be more excited! I definitely love the off-shoulder trend as well (as it is obvious from the last post), however as the temps decrease, off-shoulder will soon become close to impossible to wear without freezing. There is however another way to show those shoulders off, and that is through the cold-shoulder trend!

This top in particular is from Lulumari, a cute brand that I had not heard about until browsing online. I of course pulled out a pair of black pants to go along with this look (typical of me), BUT I must say that these are different - they are super stretchy and comfortable yet look much dressier than they actually are. I completed the look with a pair of black chunky heels from Marc Jacobs.

I hope that this look helps to create for some positivity out there today. I am definitely saddened by what has happened in Vegas last night, and am also not blind to the fact that tragedies such as these happen all too often in other areas of the world. My prayers go out to everyone in the world facing tragedy.

What do you think of the cold-shoulder trend?