Skinny Pop and Summer Cocktail Pairings

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Zara tank top (similar)

I am so excited to share with you today's post since it revolves around my favorite food (no joke): Popcorn! Just in time for Canada's 150th birthday and the 4th of July, I've teamed up with SkinnyPop to share with you some simplistic cocktail recipes that pair so well with all of the different flavors of this delicious snack.

I have seriously been eating SkinnyPop ever since its beginning. My mother-in-law used to buy me the largest size bag of this stuff when I first started dating my husband. My personal favorite remains the Original flavor, simply because it tastes the closest to old-fashioned buttered movie theatre popcorn. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that SkinnyPop now offers many varieties, such as white cheddar flavor, to satisfy all tastebuds. Since I'm always up for trying new cocktails, I was of course drawn to making the Moscow Mule to pair with my large bag of popcorn. 

SkinnyPop is my absolute favorite popcorn since it is low fat, gluten-free, organic, and is void of any artificial flavours or preservatives. You can pretty much eat this stuff until you are full and not feel guilty about it. The best part is that it will satisfy your craving, since it tastes like a real treat. 

You can purchase SkinnyPop at your local grocery store, or on the online shop. I would recommend picking up a bag along with the ingredients to make the Summer cocktails featured in the graphic below. The next few weeks are sure to be filled with a lot of Summer fun, and so you will want a guilt-free snack to pair perfectly with a refreshing beverage. SkinnyPop is the perfect solution!
What is your favorite flavor of SkinnyPop?

Flower Shopping

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Forever 21 Dress (similar)

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I am *trying* to gain more experience in the flower and plant department. For this reason, a few days ago I decided to purchase some for a new house that my family bought. I am still working on that project, but was able to acquire some flowers that are sure to bloom nicely within a few weeks. 

The dress I wore is so comfy and is very similar to this one. I also found out that the wedges I wore were quite durable, since I spent the day going to multiple nurseries around the city looking for the specific flowers/plants that I needed. I completed the outfit with my go-to Alex & Ani bracelet, which you might know is one of my favorites.

What do you think of this outfit?

The Red Maxi

Monday, June 26, 2017

Armani Exchange red dress (similar)
Vintage red earrings (similar)

Canada's 150th birthday is just around the corner and so is the 4th of July! For this reason, I decided to list a few red maxi dresses perfect for the occasion. I love maxi dresses since they can be easily dressed-up with some heels or cute jewelry, or styled casually with some sandals. A maxi dress is quite perfect for the holidays coming up due to its versatility. These occasions can be spent doing many different activities in which wardrobe changes are often necessary - the maxi dress solves this since it is the perfect "in between" piece of clothing. 

Below (and 1 linked above) are some of the cutest red maxi dresses

Floral Rompers for Summer

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Elian Rose romper (similar)
American Eagle white flats (similar)

I purchased this floral romper at Winners this weekend and I am so excited about it. One of the reasons is the fact that rompers usually don't fit me at all (long torso problems). Inspired by this piece of clothing, I decided to post some similar rompers on my blog today. Below you'll find some of the cutest floral rompers for under $100!

What do you think of the floral romper trend?

Styling my Desk

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

HomeSense desk (similar)
HomeSense clock (similar)
HomeSense storage cups and pink box (similar)
Ikea lamp (similar)
Kate Spade pencil pouch (similar)
Wayfair mannequin 
H&M striped blazer (similar)
Buffalo white jeans
Banana Republic white tank

If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of time at your desk. For this reason, I decided to share with you the way that I styled the desk I will be using for the next 2 months. Some personal news on my life, if you haven't already noticed, I am not spending the Summer in Montreal and so my background is different. This is the desk that I used for so many years (helped me earn my degrees) and it was so exciting to re-style it for the current phase of my life.

Fresh Blooms
Nothing helps elevate my mood better than some fresh flowers. I always love to have some flowers on my desk. When in the off-season and/or when flowers are too expensive, I substitute real them for some silk ones (side note- the best silk flowers are found at Michaels). 

Cute Storage
I use the large box on my desk, as well as the small containers on the left, to store my "office supplies" - things such as loose papers, pencils, etc.

Your "grab-and-go" Items
I have my iPad and my most used bag sitting on my desk at all time. These naturally give a staged look without any effort.

A functional Desk
There are so many pretty options when it comes to desks. One thing to keep in mind however is to never to put style above functionality. I would recommend choosing a desk with built-in storage space so that you have a spot to place all of your less attractive necessities. 

Personalized Art or a Photo
Sitting at a desk for hours can be quite depressing. For this reason, adding some art to your wall, or placing a photo of something that makes you happy, can help you take "mental breaks". The drawing I have framed is of my husband and I that we had made during one of our first trips together. It makes me smile since this was done during our first year of dating. 

I hope that you enjoyed this post and I would love to see how you style your desk!

Sunday Best

Monday, June 19, 2017

Banana Republic Shirt (similar)
Banana Republic Skirt (similar)
Unknown necklace (similar)

I love the current striped blouse trend. In this style of top, this trend can be worn so many ways. For this particular look, I had to adhere to a relatively "business casual look", appropriate for typical Sunday activities. Thankfully my church doesn't have a strict dress code - as long as your clothing is relatively conservative nobody will look at you sideways for wearing a skirt that is slightly above the knee or a top that reveals some shoulder (plus no a/c, so this is convenient). The shoes and bag are a repeat, however are perfect for spring/summer, so you will surely see me wear these again!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday!

GOMO with Eventbrite

Friday, June 16, 2017

Old Navy Dress (similar)

For today's post I am talking about something different than the usual. In the world of blogging and especially that of fashion and beauty, it is sometimes easy to become consumed with the need to purchase "the next best item". The more we consume in terms of "stuff" however, the less we invest in experiences, and the less we invest in experiences, the more the days blend into a continuous cycle of going to work and trips to the mall. For this reason, I've decided to create a post encouraging you to GetOutMoreOften(GOMO) this Summer, in collaboration with Eventbrite.

If you've followed my blog from the beginning, you know that I try to adopt a minimalist mindset when it comes to purchases - if I don't love it, I don't buy it. That being said, I've decided to cut down on my old Summer habit of buying outrageous amounts of clothing, stick to only purchasing a few quality items, and use the money that I would usually be using toward "things" and spend it instead on experiences. 

Eventbrite is a great resource that I am using to fill my schedule with quality experiences this Summer. This website is a wonderful place to look up local, national and international events, and I would highly recommend checking it out! I love the simplistic platform and the fact that you can search for all types of events in one place. Catering to the FearOfMissingOut (FOMO), you can also signup with Eventbrite to make searching, registering, and even posting your own event, a smoother process. 
I'd love to hear about your Summer event list!

Versatile Summer Dress

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Banana Republic Dress (similar)
Nine West Heels (similar)
Forever 21 Earrings (similar)

I modelled this dress once before on my Instagram, however always felt as though it never got the exposure it deserved. This dress is so much comfier than you could ever imagine and is one that can easily be dressed up or worn casually.

I paired this look with the comfiest heels from Nine West heels - I can seriously walk miles in these if I had to. I also chose the most beautiful earrings to match. Unfortunately, most of my outfit is no longer on sale, however I found very similar comparable pieces so that you can re-create this look. You can shop them below.

I hope you are having a great week!

Summer Drugstore Favorites

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

CeraVe Facial Cleanser
Vaseline Aloe Fresh
Dove Go Fresh
Garnier Pure Toner
Rimmel London Clarifying Powder

As the temperatures starts rising, your beauty routine needs some updating. It is however quite irritating to update all of your beauty products to higher-end cosmetics and hygiene products for such a short amount of time. For this reason, I've compiled a list of some inexpensive drugstore products that I usually swap into my routine during the warmer months.

I have combo/oily skin and so this is the perfect cleanser for the hot summer weather. It's of a gel consistency, feels great upon application and is easily removable with water.

Vaseline Aloe Fresh
This body moisturizer is lightweight and dries quickly - this is ideal if you like to moisturize your skin daily but do not want to feel residue on your skin. It is also great if you have a sunburn since the moisturizer contains aloe.

Dove Go Fresh
The Dove Go Fresh anti-perspirants have the nicest scents for summer.

Garnier Pure Toner
This toner is the best one I've tried thus far from the drugstore for oily/combination skin. I tend to use a lot more of my toner during the summer months, so switching to a drugstore comparable helps. This one in particular is a mattifying toner.

Rimmel London Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder
I would say this is a decent product to control shine. Similar to the toner, I use a lot of this during the summer months so "downgrading" to a drugstore version is ideal. Although I wouldn't necessarily say that it clears breakouts as advertised, it does help make skin appear relatively smooth.

What are your favorite Summer drugstore products? 

A Country Summer

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

When I first glanced at this dress, I immediately fell in love! The price, the style, the color - these were all "wins" for me. 

I sized up on this one, since I wanted some extra room in the dress . This is also possible due to the tie-up waist. You could dress-up this outfit by wearing it with heels, however I chose to wear it with comfy summer sandals

What do you think of this look?

Sunday Best

Monday, June 12, 2017

Calvin Klein shift dress (similar)
Olivia & Joy (similar)

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday! I also hope that you are managing well back at work or whatever other commitment you have to tend to this Monday.

I've had this dress for a little while and love the way that it fits. It is the perfect length and gives off a "retro" type of vibe. I think this is partially due the type of waistband. I paired it with my favorite spring/summer heels, a classic white purse, and my favourite string of pearls.

I compiled a selection of similar dresses to this one below. Enjoy!

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Featuring Bonobos

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Vintage Robe (similar here)

I am so excited to share with you today's post since it revolves around two amazing concepts: building your Summer capsule wardrobe and matching your outfits to those of the man in your life. Let's get to it.

The easiest way to build a seasonal capsule wardrobe is to primarily choose your color palette. This will allow for you to feel fully satisfied with the choice of items you purchase. It will minimize overlap and "push" you into buying different pieces of clothing. Building your capsule this way also allows for you to create outfits that easily match that of the man in your life, since you can pre-select colors together.

For my Summer capsule, I chose the following colors: lavendergreen/turquoise, light blueyellowbright white and light pink. For this post, I partnered with Bonobos, a great menswear brand. The goal was to show you how, when building your capsule "from the colors-up", shopping with and/or for your man can become that much more enjoyable. It will also result in a coordinated look, making you both look even better! If you click on the linked colors I previously mentioned, you will see some of the amazing items for men that this brand offers. 

*I personally believe that Bonobos offers great clothing in a variety of styles for men at very reasonable prices, especially when considering the impeccable quality. 

I hope that you found this post encouraging to build your own capsule wardrobe!