How to Have Good Posture

Friday, August 23, 2019

Hello lovely friends! Today's topic is a summary of my video on how to have good posture. Having good posture is an excellent way to communicate femininity through non-verbal cues. It can also help you in having good conversation, as it demonstrates respect through the mere act of "caring about" the way you present yourself in front of someone else. 

These simple things will help you be more mindful of your posture. Remember, practicing good posture is something that you must continuously remind yourself of, until it becomes an engrained instinct. I hope that you will also watch my video for demonstrations on how to apply these techniques. Love you all! 

1. Head and neck
Imagine a 90 degree angle from your collar bone to your chin. You can become more mindful of this, by standing up against a wall and taking note of how your head should always be touching the wall when practicing good posture.

2. Openness (invisible lines)
Imagine that you have lines perpendicular to the tips of your shoulders and horizontally at your belly-button. Try you keep your hands outside of these invisible lines. 

3. Strategic hands 
Place your hands on your waist (the smallest portion of your torso). Remember to move your hands one at a time (please see the video for the example).

4. Hips
To elevate your posture, twist your hip upward. Refrain from "sitting in your hips". This will not only help you appear taller, but will also help you look more feminine. 

5. Shoulders
Practice what I like to call, "half shoulder rolling" - a 180 degree roll. This simple habit will help you "reset" your posture.

6. Core (abdominals)
This is the most important element to having good posture. Activating your abdominal to a place where you feel as though you are slightly tilting back, and your hips are pushed forward. This is the secret in the modelling and pageant industry. 

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