How to have good conversation

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Hello lovely virtual friends! If you had the chance to watch the video I posted yesterday, THANK YOU! For those of you who prefer reading, I wrote this complementary blog post on the topic. It appears that most people currently enjoy the blog more than video, based on the fact that I'm still getting much more traffic on my website in comparison - perhaps you don't like my voice (I'd like to think it's rather the fact that you enjoy reading, LOL). 

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The topic of yesterday's video deals with having good conversation. This is an essential component of good homemaking and developing your femininity, since both are rather "people-centric". The purposeful homemaker - and the feminine woman - "cares for" her home, in addition to those who inhabit it. It is quite evident that people will not want to be present in your home and/or your social sphere, if you cannot have good conversation. Developing good conversation skills is therefore a foundational concept in purposeful homemaking and exuding feminine energy. 

I share these tips in the video:

1. Body language
I encouraged you to imagine that you have an invisible line parallel to the tips of your shoulders. You want to try to keep your hands and arms outside of these set points, to assume an open and feminine position. You do not want to cross your arms in front of you, nor place them below your belly-button (in your private area). You want to imagine that you are being pulled-up by a string on the top of your head, so that your chest can remain in an open position. 

We must be aware of the fact that we are animalistic beings, and must operate with that in mind. Failing to keep an open position, signals to the other person that you are not ready to receive their message and make connection with them. Be able to receive energy from another is a very feminine attribute.

2. Minimize distraction
Remember to make eye-contact and look at that person from the neck/chest upward. When you are looking at other parts of a person's body during conversation, you are essentially demonstrating that you are pre-occupied with something else of greater importance. You want to minimize the use of your phone, engaging in abrupt body movement, and/or causing any significant noise distraction. If you are awaiting an important call/message, make sure to excuse yourself beforehand.

3. Ask prompting questions 
Many of us think we know how to ask effective conversational questions. The truth is however, that we often fail to ask questions that prompt further conversation. The example I used was not to solely ask someone about their favorite hobby, but rather to ask them what they enjoy doing in their free time. This gateway question will allow for you to later ask a variety of more detailed prompting questions.

4. Do not dominate the conversation
Calming your mental dialogue is a skill. We are often busy thinking of the next thing to say in conversation. Calm your mind by taking a breath and counting up to 2 - this will help you refocus on what the person is saying.

5. Smile
I structured this apart from body language, because it is a much more simplistic thing to do. You may still be working on breaking those bad body language habits, but it is much easier to incorporate smiling into conversation as you are simultaneously working on those other skills. 

In addition, smiling exudes feminine energy, which breeds feelings of comfort. This allows for excellent conversation.

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