The High Value Woman (Inner happiness)

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Hello friends! Today's blog post is a follow-up to a video I posted several days ago. This is a first video of a series of videos that I will be sprinkling-in throughout the upcoming week surrounding the theme of striving to be a high-value woman. As we work through this topic, we will begin to deconstruct the nature and values of the high-value woman. My ultimate goal, is that by the end of the series you will be able to concretely define the high-value woman.

I believe that striving to be a high-value woman is a continuous lifetime process. You can always improve, even after you have found your spouse; human nature seeks progress and this can be an incredibly beautiful thing. It is important that we continue to improve for the sake of our relationships and children, and to serve as positive role-models for other women.

Below is a quick summary of some of the tips discussed throughout the video. Love you all! xo

Inner happiness

The high value woman is able to be independently happy. She walks with purpose and ease. Her happiness radiates as a type of welcomeness. People are usually awe struck by her happiness, because it is so dimly opposite so what we usually see in the world. This is what makes her intriguing and special. 

A) Awakening - The realization that you are responsible for your own happiness is essential in building inner-happiness. I encourage you to meditate or pray on this issue, depending on your beliefs. If you are a Christian, understanding that a significant portion of your happiness is found in Christ, will be one of your greatest lifetime motivators. You can also incorporate affirmations into your daily routine - for example, exclaiming that you are happy. Please read/watch my Habit Formation article/video here.

B) Slow living - Adopting aspects of minimalism helped me live in the moment. I began to slow down, as I made time for those I loved through the process of being less "stuff obsessed".

C) Gratitude - I am a naturally pessimistic person - keeping it real here ladies. The positive angle to this, is that I am well versed in the everyday practice of practicing gratitude. Gratitude is a mindset, where you implement moments of thankfulness throughout you day. Stop and take a look at your life and your surroundings. I guarantee that there is at least one thing that you can feel thankful for, even in the hardest moments. Remember to implement 3 things on the daily that are for YOU (read/watch it here).

E) Personal responsibility - Begin taking the blame for your own actions. Realizing that you are the captain of your own life, is incredibly liberating. This allows you to make mistakes and correct them. There are of course tragic circumstances, that we cannot control (this is not what I am talking about). Remember, a good person realizes what they have done wrong and takes the steps to correct themselves. A bad person realizes what they have done wrong, but continues on the same path.

F) Grief - There are certain things in life that we cannot control. Set aside time to grieve, depending on the magnitude of the problem. I like to constructively set aside a few hours, days or moments, where I can ponder my sadness - once that time is up, I make the decision to focus on something else until my next allowed period of grief. Come to terms with the fact that you may never "get over" said thing, but that your circumstance does not have to rob you of all joy. There is incredible peace in acceptance.

G) Who you are - I truly believe in the power of living in alignment with your core values. This is why I am so passionate about women choosing to express their femininity and reject the "masculine= the only successful path for women" narrative. Make the decision (NOW) that you will begin showing the world all facets of your soul and personality.

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