What's In my Beach Bag

Sunday, April 24, 2016

I absolutely love reading "what's in my bag" posts, and if you are reading this now I am sure you do too! For this reason, I decided to share with you an unusual version of this, starring my beach bag. I am going to be honest with you, I aspire to a "minimalist" philosophy when it comes to what I carry in my bags - I am always aiming to carry the least amount as possible. This may mean that the contents of my bag appear a tad boring, however I figured I would share with you nonetheless. 
Dress: Banana Republic (same brand, very similar here)
Hat: Scala (same brand, similar here)

Almost every year I can't resist going on some sort of beach vacation. Although my pale skin does not fair well in the sun, I still love visiting the beach. I bought this beach bag about 2 years ago, and it has held up pretty well. It is from a brand named Joie and I snagged a great deal on it through shopbop.comIt is still in impeccable condition and I am convinced that it is virtually indestructible!  From what I know, the brand kept this bag in stock for quite some time but has recently discontinued it - hopefully they will re-stock it since it was very popular and came in many different colors. I initially bought the bag since I thought the pattern was very pretty. I was surprised to realise that it fits quite a bit and pulls together any beach outfit! It has been a staple in my vacation wardrobe  ever since and I will surely continue wearing it until it falls apart.  
Not shown in the photos are the two beach-sized towels that I managed to fit without uncomfortable overflow. 

Pictured below are my sunscreens. I put spf 30 on my body and face (for some reason face-specific sunscreens don't work as well for me and no matter the spf-grade and I always sunburn while wearing them). I am thus currently using one from the brand Ombrelle by Garnier on my face and body. Pretty much any spf30 would do however. I also pack a sunscreen stick for extra protection on my nose and cheekbones, and a lip balm with spf (usa here cad here) to protect the delicate skin on my lips (skin cancer of the lips unfortunately runs in my family). 

When I'm on the beach I usually stay in my bikini when walking to get a drink or lunch, so I always pack some sort of sarong/cover up. I find that the ones from La Vie en Rose Aqua hold up pretty nicely, and I have a few in different colors. They also don't really stain and are easily washable. 
Finally, I don't usually pack my computer, but the specific day I took these photos I had a few tasks to accomplish and the beach we were staying at had complementary wifi. If I was to bring some sort of electronic device on a regular basis, it would definitely be my iPad mini and not my laptop. Fortunately however, the beach bag fits my laptop perfectly. The laptop case pictured is from Kate Spade, and was a gift from my fiancĂ©; it is a classic black with gold hardware and is bright pink inside.
I hope you enjoyed this version of a "what's in my bag" article! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

What's in your beach bag?

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