Weekend Remedy: Chanel "le weekend" Review

Thursday, February 25, 2016

If you're anything like me, you're always on the look-out for "quick-fix" skin care products. With the weekend approaching, I thought I would share with you my current favourite weekend solution for my blemish prone and sometimes dull-looking skin. Enjoy!

What it is
"Enhances renewal and replenishes hydration to give skin a much needed weekend break. Combined with relaxing Rose Water, a gentle Glycolic Acid Complex is gradually released for ideal exfoliation and lasting moisture. Skin is softer and more luminous for the week ahead"

This product is essential a treatment serum for the weekend. It can be worn under your daily or nightly moisturiser, or by itself. The glycolic acid does tingle on the skin when first applied to blemish prone areas, however that sensation is not long-lasting. This product is of a milky and silky texture. It can be purchased here.

What I love
I wear this product at night on the weekends and on week-nights when I feel that my skin needs some serious rescuing. The morning after I apply this product, I can definitely feel a difference in my skin. My skin is smoother and more even toned. The effects of this product last for several days, therefore I can attest that it lives up to its description. 

As mentioned, I wear this product at night on the weekends, but have also been using it on those nights where I anticipate that I will not be getting much sleep. For those in school pulling all-nighters or for those working long hours, this product serves as a great rescue for tired looking skin It really does leave your skin glowing!

I used to use all of the serums from this particular line ("le weekend" is one of the serums in a 3 product line), however found that this one was the most beneficial and the most worthwhile purchase considering the high price of each.

What I Don't Like
I have combination/oily skin. This product is meant to be worn all weekend long (also during the day), but due to my skin type and the thickness of this product, I can only wear it at night. I am therefore not experiencing the full benefit of this product. If you have dry skin, this product worn under a moisturiser would work wonders!

Do you have a go-to weekend skincare remedy?


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