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Monday, October 30, 2017

Michael Kors scarf (similar)
Street shop earrings (similar)

I will admit I went a little overboard with the forever 21 in this outfit, however I could not resist but to feature a few of my favorite items from a purchase last week. The sweater in this picture is stretchy (in a good way), soft and features the most adorable sleeves. The skirt I paired with it is also a favorite due to the ruffle trim and the fact that it is made out of faux-suede (giving it a fall vibe). I paired the combo with my favorite furry heels and leather bag, a patterned neck scarf, and some bright blue earrings. You can browse the look via the links above or the photos below.

In other news, they are putting in the flooring in a portion of my  house this week, which is super exciting - one step closer to moving in. My goal is for us to be in by Christmas, although I assume there will still be work to be done into the Spring (renovations always get pushed back - fact of life). The truth is that we can realistically move in when everything in the house is done except the kitchen and then tough it out while they redo it (take-out everyday). In the meantime, the chows, husband and I are enjoying the time spent living with family since it will not be like this for long- life is so unpredictable that we have to cherish every "season" of it, since we do not know what will come next! To take my mind off of all the chaos of career shift (that talk for another day) and house stuff, my mom and I have booked a trip to Vegas to go see my friend Lauren Howe (the newly crowned Miss Universe Canada) compete in Miss Universe. We extended the trip by a few extra days so that we will have some time to relax. The last time I was in Vegas I was not old enough to do much of anything but observe, so if you have any must-see/must-eat/must-shop please send it my way! Travelling with my mom is so much fun since we are basically the same person and our trips always include a lot of coffee/wine stops and taking things at a slow pace.

I hope you have have a great Monday and an amazing week! 

What do you think of this look?

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