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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

HomeSense desk (similar)
HomeSense clock (similar)
HomeSense storage cups and pink box (similar)
Ikea lamp (similar)
Kate Spade pencil pouch (similar)
Wayfair mannequin 
H&M striped blazer (similar)
Buffalo white jeans
Banana Republic white tank

If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of time at your desk. For this reason, I decided to share with you the way that I styled the desk I will be using for the next 2 months. Some personal news on my life, if you haven't already noticed, I am not spending the Summer in Montreal and so my background is different. This is the desk that I used for so many years (helped me earn my degrees) and it was so exciting to re-style it for the current phase of my life.

Fresh Blooms
Nothing helps elevate my mood better than some fresh flowers. I always love to have some flowers on my desk. When in the off-season and/or when flowers are too expensive, I substitute real them for some silk ones (side note- the best silk flowers are found at Michaels). 

Cute Storage
I use the large box on my desk, as well as the small containers on the left, to store my "office supplies" - things such as loose papers, pencils, etc.

Your "grab-and-go" Items
I have my iPad and my most used bag sitting on my desk at all time. These naturally give a staged look without any effort.

A functional Desk
There are so many pretty options when it comes to desks. One thing to keep in mind however is to never to put style above functionality. I would recommend choosing a desk with built-in storage space so that you have a spot to place all of your less attractive necessities. 

Personalized Art or a Photo
Sitting at a desk for hours can be quite depressing. For this reason, adding some art to your wall, or placing a photo of something that makes you happy, can help you take "mental breaks". The drawing I have framed is of my husband and I that we had made during one of our first trips together. It makes me smile since this was done during our first year of dating. 

I hope that you enjoyed this post and I would love to see how you style your desk!

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