Women choosing traditional roles and careers

Monday, June 24, 2019

Hi everyone! Thanks again to all those of you who subscribed to my new Youtube channel and took the time to send me a message. I hear your video requests and they are noted! :)

As briefly mentioned, my posts and videos will continue to touch on the topics of homemaking, women's issues and everyday life (vlog-style). If you haven't had the chance to check out the previous videos, I would love it if you did so!


Today, I thought I'd touch on the issue of traditionally female life paths (roles), and careers. 

In a world that glorifies women in stereotypically masculine jobs and tends to forget the rest, I believe that it's time to re-write the narrative. Women choosing traditional careers and paths are often looked-down upon for being weak-willed and unintelligent. If it serves as any proof for the way in which society views traditional feminine roles, we can take a look at the wages of workers in "caregiving" fields (control your variables to include those with a 4 year degree, if you want extra accuracy). 

Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum (we can agree issues surrounding women have sadly become an identity politics game), I think that we can all agree that women should be celebrated in whichever role they choose, so long as they are working hard, expressing their talents and seeking fulfillment. 

Without getting into more of the details, I would encourage you to watch the video. I have made it rather short for easy listening. 

*Please note, this video is not meant to tear down women that do not choose to follow a traditionally feminine life path or career. The intent is to draw attention to those women marginalized for doing so.

Why should you care about homemaking?

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Hi again! :) For anyone who has read my previous post and/or watched the video, I wanted to say thank you! It means a lot to me that you would take the time to watch. Today's topic has to deal with homemaking. I like to define homemaking as the practice of caring and tending to a home. This encompasses aspects of cleaning, decorating, personalizing, and of course, taking care of the people that live inside of it. Similar to my last post, I will be providing the "Coles Notes" of the video below, for those of you who would rather read than watch.

Discussing the topic of what homemaking is, is something that requires another video entirely. So for now, I challenge you to base your definition off of a "cozy" and emotionally "warm" home from your childhood. With that in mind, let's get into a few of the reasons why I believe that homemaking is important.

Why should you care about homemaking?

Introduction- In the video, I began with discussing my background. Growing up as a "modern woman", I never really cared to take an interest in homemaking. When I stepped into taking ownership of a home after having become a married woman, I was met with a type of "shock" as I realized that I did not have any homemaking skills - I had no idea where to start. The reasons I'm sharing with you serve as my core motivation for having began my homemaking journey. 

1. Someone has to do it. You have the unique opportunity to be the leader in your home, implementing the homemaking routines that help run a household. Just like anything great in this world, someone had to be the first to start. Why not you? This is also a wonderful way to develop your leadership skills. 

2. You deserve a warm and inviting home for yourself and your family. You deserve a space that is uniquely your own creation - a space where you can relax and be your authentic self. In addition, creating memories in this type of environment will become increasingly easy, as you are continuously pouring love into your environment. From a practical standpoint, you are also taking care of the cleanliness of your home, which makes it evermore inviting and a joyful to live in.

3. You have been given the gift of home. Whatever you believe in, don't take this for granted. Many people live their entire lives wish for a house to call home.

4. Efficiency. Perfecting your homemaking skills (or working toward perfecting for that matter), will help you save time through the power of systems and routines. This will provide you with more time for the things that matter to you.

5. It is a practical skill. A sort of bizarre but relevant point has to do with the fact that homemaking is a practical survival skill. Learning how to clean (sanitize) and cook, will help you and your family thrive in whatever scenario situation is thrown at you.

Thanks again for reading and watching. I hope to see you in my next post!

My Typical Sunday Routine

Hello everyone! It has been a quite a while since I posted. To be honest, so much has happened in these past months - many good and several sad things. One of my goals for this blog, has been to veer more toward lifestyle content. In my opinion, there appears to be a general lack of content depicting people who live a similar lifestyle to mine. I know I may be speaking to a very narrow subset of people (married, no kids, pets, interest in homemaking), but I hope it finds at least someone well. I have planned-out a few videos and posts for the upcoming weeks to see if they get any "bites" - that is, to see if anyone is interested.


My first topic surrounds my Sunday morning routine. I have always loved watching routine-type videos. There is something to be said about watching someone else live their daily life that sparks a genre of inspiration amidst the mundane tasks of everyday life. Perhaps it has to do with subconscious confirmation in terms of, "oh ya, I do that too", or  rather, "that's a great idea, I should try it". Whatever it may be, I hope you like these types of videos as much as I do.

You can watch the video linked below. For those of you who like reading better than watching (or who like both), I will list the "Coles Notes" version of the video below.

My Typical Sunday Routine

1. I wake up sometime between 7-8. I love opening my motor-powered blinds (I know, I'm weird lol). I make myself a coffee and have some breakfast. I'm usually not too hungry in the mornings - that being said, today I only had a small piece of homemade bread (yum).

2. I then proceed to walk my dogs. They are very energetic and need a lot of exercise. This is also good for me, as I am trying to lose some weight.

3. I get ready (take a shower, dry my hair, put on my face). I have linked the products I use here:

4. I go to church as often as I can. It tends to happen every other week, due to another commitment I have on Sundays. I like to go to a French mass with my mom, which has become a little tradition for us.

5. When I get home, I do my usual morning cleanup routine. I try not to burden myself by doing this right when I wake up, as I try to give myself a "break" on Sunday. I will empty my dishwasher, vacuum my floors, and make the bed. If you don't yet own a Dyson, I'm telling you right now that it is worth the investment. I often joke with my friends that it is THE best purchase I have ever made; the reason being that it saves you so much time and gives your house an instant clean "look". 

6. I usually prepare dinner in the crockpot at this point. We are eating out tonight so instead, I chose to take this time to make banana bread. I found this super easy easy easy recipe on Pinterest. I like to clean my counters with the (best smelling product ever) Method daily Granite cleaner

7. I like to keep updating my list with things that I want to accomplish throughout the day. This helps keep me motivated throughout the day and helps me organize my mental clutter. There's something about "checking-off" boxes that feels so satisfying to me. My Sunday lists are generally pretty short (my weekday lists usually take up the whole page). 

Thank for watching and reading about my typical Sunday routine! 

Dermarolling (microneedling)

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Please don't mind the green bathroom - this is the last part of the house we will be renovating over the next few months... Anyway, on to an exciting topic that I have been very wanting to share for some time now - microneedling/dermarolling. I have been dermarolling for about 2 months now, and I must say that this little product is a miracle one! It has helped me with my adult-acne, exfoliation, and fine-line prevention.

So, what is dermarolling? You may or may not have heard about it due to the hype of this product (which is basically an overpriced dermaroller with a light - I don't think you need to spend $$$ to get the same result, just saying). Dermarolling, is an at-home micro needling treatment that has been around for several years. The concept behind it is quite simple - the roller contains many small needles that create microscopic wounds on your skin, tiny enough not to produce a scar and just enough to stimulate "repair". Your skin is essentially tricked into producing collagen and elastin (all that good stuff) to repair itself from these tiny wounds.

So, why should you be doing this? After the age of 25 (or as early as 18), collagen production decreases by about 1% per year, which leads to aging. Dermarolling is also an excellent way to help repair acne scars and diminish the appearance of stretch marks. Regardless of your concern, dermarolling makes your skin feel like a "baby's bottom", and is worth it based on that fact alone.

So, how often should you be dermarolling? Honestly, it is up to you. I do it once every 2 weeks. However, some recommend as little as once per month. If you have sensitive skin, you should probably stick to a longer period of time in between. I use a 0.25mm dermaroller due to my thin skin and the fact that I don't have deep set wrinkles just yet (fingers crossed). If you have particularly complex skin issues, it is advised to check with your healthcare professional before starting this treatment.

So, where do you get it? I purchased mine on amazon, but you can also get one here. As stated, I do not use one with long needles. However, if you have deeper wrinkles, you may want to go for something closer to 1.5mm. 

If you have been micro needling at home with a dermaroller, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Holiday Look #2 + Life Update

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Happy Christmas week! Can you believe that we are already here!? I am so excited to spend my first Christmas in the new home. In relation to that, you are probably wondering where I have been the past week due to my absence on the blog and Instagram. The simple truth is that I have been soo incredibly busy moving into my new house. Not to mention that we are completely renovating the entire house, so half of it is in utter chaos - it'll be worth it in the end. On top of that, I recently started a new job and went through a gruelling interview process that got the better of my nerves (my skin totally broke-out as a result). To give you an idea of how busy I have been, the first time I wore "regular clothing"(aka not yoga pants - I work from home) in over a week, was yesterday! The good news is that I am finally settling in to a new routine and will *hopefully* be back to regular scheduled programming. 

Now, onto the look. This is the sweater that I will be wearing Christmas morning. We like to keep things pretty casual on Christmas day. A comfy sweater, paired with black pants of course, is therefore the perfect outfit. I'd also love to note how I began ordering from Boohoo a few months ago, and I have yet to receive one item that I didn't love!

What do you think of this look?

Choker Sweaters

Friday, December 8, 2017

Old Navy flats (similar)
Black stretch pants (similar)

Choker sweaters - the name sounds kind of awkward, doesn't it? This trend is one that actually grew on me, and I was hesitant to purchase a choker top mainly due to the fact that I am more often than not, wearing a scarf when it it is below 70degrees outside (which would hide the choker part of the top). However, I came to realize that a choker sweater does inevitably sort of serve as a scarf in the sense that it does keep your neck warm. From that point on, I fell in love with the trend.

I paired this look with black pants (surprise?), my favorite pom pom flats (similar), and my newest obsession - my Gucci Marmont bag.

What do you think of choker tops/sweaters?

Comfy Camel-Colored Sweater

Monday, December 4, 2017

Happy Monday! This sweater is so incredibly cozy that I could not resist but to share. It comes in one-size, but I would say that it fits anyone from size XS to M thanks to the tie waist. I think that I will be purchasing it in other colors very soon, since it has been my comfy go-to sweater these past few weeks. You can dress it up with heels, or dress is down with comfy pants and flats. 

In other new, you guyssss, my house is finally ready-ish to move in. We are only done the lower level (#renovationtimelineroblems), but I am so excited to move in and to finally put up my Christmas tree! I can't wait to share every step of the way with you all!

What do you think of this look?