How to sit like a Lady

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Happy Thursday everyone! I am trying to become more effective in writing the corresponding blog posts as I release my videos. I realize that I have so many to catch up on and I plan on actually sitting down an entire day and getting that work done! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy today's video and post on how to sit like a lady.

This video is a part of my femininity series, but also a subset of videos I began on carrying ourselves in a graceful and elegant way. If you have not yet watched my video on posture (blog post) and feminine walking, I would encourage you to explore those topics first. 

Welcome to my new readers and viewers! It would mean so much to me if you would share my content with a friend who might enjoy it. Being a small influencer, the initial stretch is always the most challenging. My goal with this platform is not personal fame, but to reach as many women as possible with the messages that have indeed changed my life. The bigger we grow, the more I can give back to you! P.S Once we reach 1k on Youtube I have a giveaway planned and I would love to do that at every milestone.

Ensure that you are wearing appropriate clothing. A simple trick would be to actually sit in the dressing room when purchasing clothing. You can also actually place your hands down the garment as a way to ensure that there is enough "wiggle-room". Always keep in mind the context of where you are going and how you will have to sit.

Keep your chest elevated and do not look or veer your torso toward the floor. You want to exude confidence in descending into your chair. A trick instead of looking behind you would be to ensure that you calves are touching the chair and gently reach back to grab the chair before you place your bottom.

Ensure that your knees are always together when sitting. You do not want to expose your private parts (which is why you do not want to keep your legs open). This ranges back to the point I made about vulnerability and the fact that accentuating these regions exudes insecurity. 

Your vertical side angle should be 90 degrees (thighs down to angle).

You want to maintain a fist length between your back and the chair.

Crossing your legs
You can veer your shins to one-side (this is the simplest way). You can choose to cross your legs at your ankles while doing so, or placing your calves one over the other; each movement, always remaining in that side-to-side manner. Please avoid the standard American leg-cross. View the video for more information.

Ensure that your legs are together in that 90 degree angle when standing. Use your hands to push off the chair, if you need the extra assistance.

The Friday Five (September 6th, 2019)

Friday, September 6, 2019

This post almost did not happen. I am completely behind on my to-do list, and I have not even gone on my daily walk today! I might have to settle for some light stretching and a "power-hour" of cleaning along with my favorite cleaning podcast (Clean With Me).

We are heading into the second week of September in a few days (eek), and I wanted to wish you many blessings in this busy season. 

1. I know many of you are going back to school. Throughout my studies, I found One Class to be particularly helpful for note sharing and searching past resources written by students who have already taken a particular course. I also recommend that you search, Rate My Professors, to know the level of difficulty and testing style of your professor. Do not be afraid to switch class times before the dropout date. Finally, recording lectures on your smartphone can help you study and summarize your notes more effectively (make sure your professor allows it). 

2. I am packing away my summer clothes, and I am feelin' all the feels. Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons. I talked about my issue with fall, in my previous Friday Five post. Speaking of packing, I have found that stuffing scarves into purses helps them keep their shape when putting them into boxes for storage. In addition, the cheapest storage bins are definitely found at Walmart and/or Canadian Tire (I know, I have moved 3 times in 3 years LOL).

3. I have been loving hair bows, and have begun incorporating them into my wardrobe. You can surprisingly find a good variety of them at Dollar Tree (you all know I love this store). I am still on the fence about those trending pearl clips - I will get back to you on that one.

4. It is time to incorporate darker lip colors as we transition into fall. I am planning on wearing the "Stay all day MATTE'ificent Lipstick" from Stila (shade: Framboise). I basically like all my makeup products to be of a matte finish. I find that it gives my face a type of 1950s glamour- matte makeup is so timeless. 

5. I spent about an hour thrifting for Fall clothing today. I have already ranted about the fun and importance of thrifting. I am so grateful that my husband and I have been financially blessed throughout these past few years. We are at a place where we do not have to shop this way, however, I will always continue to thrift regardless of income level. Thrifting is environmentally friendly and a certain percentage of the purchase usually goes toward a good cause. I encourage you to consider thrifting. 

Homemake with me - My Afternoon

Monday, September 2, 2019

If my Youtube video brought you here, welcome! If you are a continuous reader of this blog, I would love it if you would check-out my videos.

Today's post is a summary of Monday's video. If you enjoyed this post or video, I would be so grateful if you would hit the "like" button - it really helps grow the community of women supporting the homemaking and femininity movement. 

Homemake with me
1. I love buying and using more "natural" cleaning products. I used a store-brand all-purpose cleaner today, and my usual Method Daily Granite. 

2. I encourage you to buy flowers while grocery shopping, especially if you find this to be one of your least favorite chores. You can usually revive sale flowers, using your own sugar/water mixture or the one provided in bouquets.

3. I mentioned in a previous post, that I derive my handy-dandy-notebook inspiration from an Instagram homemaker called, "Mrs. Hinch". I like to write all of my tasks for the day, including bills I need to pay in my notebook. 

4. I mentioned how Dyson has an excellent customer service center. They are pretty pricey

5. I bought my olive oil dispenser from the Dollar Tree.

6. I love writing my favorite recipes in my Kate Spade recipe book. 

7. I learned the concept of shining my sink from FlyLady. I do this every evening. 

8. I spoke to you about my minimalism journey, briefly. Adopting a minimalist mindset has helped relieved my anxiety and focus on what truly matters in my life. 

9. I do at least one load of laundry per day. I like to use the baskets from the Dollar Tree - one of these small baskets fits a 

10. I talked about how I love my Airpods. I think they are worth the price. I use them while doing housework; I listen to music and podcasts. 

11. I chatted with you about the importance of being nice to others. 

12. Lasagna recipe: Italian sausage + ground beef, garlic to taste, 1-2 cans of crushed tomatoes, 1-2 cans of tomato paste, chicken broth, 2 tbsp sugar, basil + fennel seed + pepper + salt and oregano to taste, mozzarella, parmesan, lasagna noodles

filling: 1 container of ricotta + 2 eggs, nutmeg, parsley to taste

*you have to adjust most of these measurements depending on the size of your lasagna

The Friday Five (August 30th, 2019)

Friday, August 30, 2019

Happy Friday lovely friends! Tomorrow is going to be a day full of yard work - I am mentally preparing for it, haha. I treated myself to hiring house cleaners this morning, and I am so happy that I did. Having the inside of my house tackled and perfected by professionals, has been such a treat. We finally finished renovating our house, and are putting together all of the final touches. As much as I love cleaning to relieve anxiety, I sometimes need a little bit of help. 

Image result for september wreath yellow1. I noticed that there exists a phenomena, whereby millennials associate having dogs as replacements for children. There are particular reasons why I do not have children yet, and I hope to someday soon! I am definitely sorry if my "dog vlog" perpetuated this stereotype - it was not my intention. 

2. I pulled out my autumn wreath, but I am not quite ready to put it up. I might purchase myself a more yellow-tone wreath as a consolation for this in-between month. I am thinking something like this. If I do end up purchasing one, I will be sure to show it on Instagram stories. 

3. As the weather turns slightly cooler, I find myself craving comfort food. You can find some of my favorite recipes on my Pinterest board. This week, I cooked a large batch of lasagna. I would love to know your comfort food recipes. 

4. I'm going to be honest and say that I usually dread the end of summer. The transition of seasons always brings me feelings of dread. I associate fall with all of the negative back-to-school feelings. I was always one to overachieve in the realm of academics, and as a result, suffered from debilitating anxiety throughout my years of study. As some of you know, I studied and worked in a STEM field. There IS a reason why few people "make it" through these degrees; these programs are actually designed to pit overachieving students against each other in pursuit of advanced degrees. Despite what the internet trolls say (LOL), I did indeed graduate Sum cum laude. I however sacrificed so much of my well-being in this pursuit, as I unhealthily tied my identity to scholastic achievements. 

Perhaps I will get more into this some other day, but for now I wanted to give you some context on the feelings I will be experiencing in the upcoming months. September is an unusually difficult month for me, and I WILL be pulling out my anxiety workbook. 

5. I am spending my Friday afternoon scrolling through juicers on Amazon - I know, I am a nerd. I used my Jack Lalanne Power Juicer until it burned out - I am not kidding, it was actually smoking. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Juicing has tremendously helped me clear up my skin and alleviate cravings. I have not had the chance to juice this summer, and would love to get back into it.

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend! 

How to be Intelligent

Hello friends! Today, I am summarizing a video that many of you enjoyed - that is, the one surrounding the topic of "Feminine Intelligence".

There exists this misconception that feminine women are unintelligent. Please realize that women bashing other women based on their intelligence, is often a subconscious mating strategy - the practice of tearing someone else down in order to make themselves appear more or of equal attractiveness.

I wanted to emphasize the importance of developing your intelligence in order to bond with others - an essential feminine trait. If you are single, please be advised that masculine and high-quality men seldom pursue unintelligent women - this is a misconception propelled by culture. Intelligent feminine women serve as the backbone in their households, raising the next generation of individuals and being receptive to the needs of others as excellent homemakers.

If you have not yet watched the video, I think it is a great addition to this blog post. Some of you indicated that the speed is slightly fast - I recommend changing the playback speed to a slower setting if it suits your preference.

1. Emotional Intelligence
This is an excellent tool to develop to better understand and be receptive of the emotions of others. If you are working in a traditionally feminine career, emotional intelligence will definitely help you succeed in your chosen field. In the home, this will better help lay the foundation

2. Academic Intelligence
Take the time to learn the importance of referencing scholarly studies and resources, when fact checking. This will prevent you from falling pray to false media and misconstrued facts. If you do not have a library membership, use google scholar to research topics. Remember to reference the citations, ensuring that they do n

3. Current Events
Learn to filter your bias and look at what opposing political viewpoints are saying. Women are often the dialogue creators in the household. You are going to want to learn how to properly debate, so that you can equip your family with the tools necessary to battle adversity in modern culture.

4. Languages
Continue to develop your language - implementing new vocabulary on a monthly or weekly basis. If you have the gift of another language, continue to practice it. Language skills are proven grey-matter development tools. Writing in the form of journaling can also help you with this.

5. Pursue your Passions
Engage in a hobby that helps you practice focus and fortitude.

6. Nourish your Body
This one is fairly straight-forward. Ensure that you are sleeping, staying hydrated and nourishing your body with excellent nutrients.

7. High Quality Friends
I like to surround myself with people who inspire me and help me grow as an individual. People who provide stimulating conversation are my kind of friends. These people help me reflect on my own thought patterns, and lead me in the direction of fostering new ideas.

The Friday Five - August 23rd, 2019

Friday, August 23, 2019

Hello lovely friends! If you have been around here for several years, you will know that I used to conduct a "Friday Five" series. I have since deleted some of these posts. In an effort to be more active in the blogging world and to try to revamp my Pinterest (Lawd help it), I thought this would be an excellent way to begin incorporating more stand-alone blog content. I know some of you enjoy reading more than you do watching my videos - I understand, my voice might not be everyone's cup-of-tea LOL. I am hoping that my blog can appeal to you and grow this "Femininity Movement"; p.s, this is what I like to call the influx of women talking about the importance of femininity (which is something I 100% support and LOVE). 

I am going to be experimenting with the structure of these posts. For today, I want to organically list some of my favorites for the week. I am wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Stay tuned for Monday's video, where we will be talking about marriage. 

1. Today is the first day where the morning feels like Autumn and in case you were wondering, I am NOT ready. I do not usually engage in "Fall Hauls", since I like to adopt a more minimalist mindset to my home decor practices. I do however enjoy decorating to some extent, and get my decor fix from the Dollar Tree (you bet I do). An Instagrammer (stepfordwifeuserguide) recommended that I follow #dollartreehaul and #dollartreefinds, and I wanted to pass this on to you!

2. I wanted to share with you my favorite organic casual wine - it is called, Bonterra. I recently learned of the harmful effects of pesticides in wine, and how they tend to be more potent when talking grapes. I am cautious to recommend wine, because I know many of you do not drink alcoholic beverages. I wanted to put a disclaimer out there: you should wait until you are of legal drinking age (I did not drink a sip of alcohol until then), and only consume in moderation. Drinking to get drunk is neither a Christian (and I would bet it is also not a Jewish/Buddhist/Hindu etc.), nor classy, thing to do. 

3. You all must follow Mrs. Hinch. I have been following her for at least a year, and I noticed that she is back from her maternity leave. She is a cleaning Queen. If you have watched some of my Vlogs, you will know that I have a handy-dandy notebook that I use to list everything in my life (from the things that I need to buy, to the tasks that I need to accomplish). Her "Hinch List" actually serves as inspiration for this notebook. I also derive inspiration from her cleaning routines - particularly, her bathroom cleaning techniques. She lives in Britain, so her cleaning products differ slightly. However, I have come to notice that there exists Canadian and American version of these products often by the same company but with differing names (for example, "Cif" is called "Vim" in Canada).

4. Have you watched my collaboration with Ina from, That Feminine Housewife? I would recommend that you watch both of our videos, and that you definitely subscribe to her channel. I know that many of you are seeking more homemaking/feminine inspiration. Her channel is similar to mine, and I know that you will love her content.

5. In messages with some of you, we have talked Faith. I was always reluctant to include this topic genre in my videos and blogs, since I did not want to exclude non-Christian women. I would say that my "Faith Walk" was somewhat unique, and has probably shaped my reluctance to incorporate it into my content. I feel as though, however, it may be time to begin sharing this with you. The truth is that I spent weeks praying over the start of my YouTube channel before actually creating it; I wanted to offer something unique but similar enough to build community with women of similar beliefs. The point I want to conclude with, is that I heard God whisper?say? that I needed to take a risk in sharing my beliefs. I also realized that God wants me to exert and grow my patience. It is not always easy being a small YouTuber talking about controversial things - real talk lol. Regardless, I try to put consistent everyday effort into forming genuine friendships with all of you (which, by the way, has been the biggest blessing in my life), and I believe this is exactly where God wants me to be. 

How to Have Good Posture

Hello lovely friends! Today's topic is a summary of my video on how to have good posture. Having good posture is an excellent way to communicate femininity through non-verbal cues. It can also help you in having good conversation, as it demonstrates respect through the mere act of "caring about" the way you present yourself in front of someone else. 

These simple things will help you be more mindful of your posture. Remember, practicing good posture is something that you must continuously remind yourself of, until it becomes an engrained instinct. I hope that you will also watch my video for demonstrations on how to apply these techniques. Love you all! 

1. Head and neck
Imagine a 90 degree angle from your collar bone to your chin. You can become more mindful of this, by standing up against a wall and taking note of how your head should always be touching the wall when practicing good posture.

2. Openness (invisible lines)
Imagine that you have lines perpendicular to the tips of your shoulders and horizontally at your belly-button. Try you keep your hands outside of these invisible lines. 

3. Strategic hands 
Place your hands on your waist (the smallest portion of your torso). Remember to move your hands one at a time (please see the video for the example).

4. Hips
To elevate your posture, twist your hip upward. Refrain from "sitting in your hips". This will not only help you appear taller, but will also help you look more feminine. 

5. Shoulders
Practice what I like to call, "half shoulder rolling" - a 180 degree roll. This simple habit will help you "reset" your posture.

6. Core (abdominals)
This is the most important element to having good posture. Activating your abdominal to a place where you feel as though you are slightly tilting back, and your hips are pushed forward. This is the secret in the modelling and pageant industry.