How to be Sophisticated

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Sophistication is one of my favorite terms. When I think of the woman I strive to be, this is the ultimate quality that comes to mind. In this short video, I discussed some of the foundational ways in which you can become a sophisticated woman. The goal was not to go extensively in depth, but rather start the conversation. 

Talking about classiness, being ladylike and acting elegantly, are all common topics in the online femininity-sphere. However, seldom few people talk about sophistication. In my opinion, sophistication truly embodies all of these themes yet also connotes a certain element of "levelling-up". When you think of the sophisticated woman you may picture a well-rounded and multidimensional individual.

The following tips are extracted from the video to help you better comprehend some of the things I discussed. Please hit the LIKE button on the video, since it really helps the channel. *In this video I give a shout-out to one of my favorite femininity channels, Inner Beauty TV by Nicole Michelle, who inspired me to talk about Sophistication.


I have already talked at length about the difference between child-likeness and childishness, particularly in my "Feminine Innocence" video. Fascinating Womanhood is another femininity resource that does an excellent job at comparing the two. As sophisticated women, we want to preserve our feminine innocence, but we do not want to be naive like children.

Take the time to evaluate if you are still carrying negative emotional baggage from your childhood or if you possess narcissistic traits, all things that might impede your ability to level-up as a sophisticated woman. I'd also encourage you to think about your wardrobe, your interests, the thing that you say, and ask yourself if you have evolved from childhood. I gave the example of wardrobe; if you're still dressing like you did in 1999, you might want to make some changes. Ask yourself the following question when evaluating your tendencies: "Are you living an extended adolescence?"

Critical Thinking
This is another point that I often preach on my channel. The sophisticated woman is able to look at phenomena/occurrences and the world around her, and is able to question opinions and events. You also want to learn to identify the underlying motives of others by studying basic psychology. This is going to help you develop your mind and emotional resilience, and will enhance your ability to sustain interesting conversation with others.

We often associate the sophisticated woman with higher-education. You don't need to attend a prestigious Ivy League school or have multiple degrees, to develop your intelligence. Make sure that you understand things about the history of your country, then you can progress to exploring other cultures etc. based on your interests. This will again enhance your ability to have sophisticated conversation. 

I want to encourage you to "take the middle road" when it comes to expanding your social circle. What I mean by this, is that I encourage you not to rid yourself of your former friends are you begin levelling-up as a sophisticated woman, because this will impede your feminine ability to nurture relationships.

Another point I made, is that you want to be weary of "the hot girl effect"; you will not be able to surround yourself with like-minded sophisticated people if you are afraid of being friends with people whom you think are better than you in a particular way. Challenge yourself to become more sophisticated, by surrounding yourself with admirable people while also recognizing that you should continue to nurture your original friendships.

As women, we have a negative tendency to gossip and/or "trauma-bond" with others. The sophisticated woman refrains from doing this and instead focuses on positive aspects of conversation. The sophisticated woman is always seeking to improve herself in her relationships. This isn't attainable when we are continuously focusing on the negative. When you eliminate the negative in conversation, you will be challenged to think of new discussion topics. This will therefore push you in the direction of self-improvement and therefore greater sophistication.


I hope you enjoyed another video summary! Stay tuned for more in the up-coming days!


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