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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Hello everyone! It has been a quite a while since I posted. To be honest, so much has happened in these past months - many good and several sad things. One of my goals for this blog, has been to veer more toward lifestyle content. In my opinion, there appears to be a general lack of content depicting people who live a similar lifestyle to mine. I know I may be speaking to a very narrow subset of people (married, no kids, pets, housewife), but I hope it finds at least someone well. I have planned-out a few videos and posts for the upcoming weeks to see if they get any "bites" - that is, to see if anyone is interested.


My first topic surrounds my Sunday morning routine. I have always loved watching routine-type videos. There is something to be said about watching someone else live their daily life that sparks a genre of inspiration amidst the mundane tasks of everyday life. Perhaps it has to do with subconscious confirmation in terms of, "oh ya, I do that too", or  rather, "that's a great idea, I should try it". Whatever it may be, I hope you like these types of videos as much as I do.

You can watch the video linked below. For those of you who like reading better than watching (or who like both), I will list the "Coles Notes" version of the video below.

My Sunday Housewife Routine

1. I wake up sometime between 7-8. I love opening my motor-powered blinds (I know, I'm weird lol). I make myself a coffee and have some breakfast. I'm usually not too hungry in the mornings - that being said, today I only had a small piece of homemade bread (yum).

2. I then proceed to walk my dogs. They are very energetic and need a lot of exercise. This is also good for me, as I am trying to lose some weight.

3. I get ready (take a shower, dry my hair, put on my face). I have linked the products I use here:

4. I go to church as often as I can. It tends to happen every other week, due to another commitment I have on Sundays. I like to go to a French mass with my mom, which has become a little tradition for us.

5. When I get home, I do my usual morning cleanup routine. I try not to burden myself by doing this right when I wake up, as I try to give myself a "break" on Sunday. I will empty my dishwasher, vacuum my floors, and make the bed. If you don't yet own a Dyson, I'm telling you right now that it is worth the investment. I often joke with my friends that it is THE best purchase I have ever made; the reason being that it saves you so much time and gives your house an instant clean "look". 

6. I usually prepare dinner in the crockpot at this point. We are eating out tonight so instead, I chose to take this time to make banana bread. I found this super easy easy easy recipe on Pinterest. I like to clean my counters with the (best smelling product ever) Method daily Granite cleaner

7. I like to keep updating my list with things that I want to accomplish throughout the day. This helps keep me motivated throughout the day and helps me organize my mental clutter. There's something about "checking-off" boxes that feels so satisfying to me. My Sunday lists are generally pretty short (my weekday lists usually take up the whole page). 

Thank for watching and reading about my typical Sunday routine! 

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