The Perfect Fall Sweater

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Nine West boots (similar, same brand)

I was on the fence about posting today, however could not resist but to share with you this amazing sweater. It comes in 8 colors, is on sale, AND is the perfect casual sweater! I must say that Style & Co never fails to make quality and long-lasting product, at great prices. I chose to size-up (medium) to go for that over-sized look and to be as comfy as possible, however I would say that my "true" size is probably small. Long-story short, if you want an over-sized fit go one size-up from your true size.

The jeans I'm wearing are also a new purchase that I picked up from the Bay Days sale, and I am absolutely in love! As you can probably tell, I prefer black pants and/or jeans to any other color of pant, so the fact that I ventured off and bought these ones truly says something about how much I like them. They are mid-rise, and although I'm usually a high-rise jean kind of girl, I purchased them so that I could wear them with belts and tuck in my shirts. 

With reference to the scarf, I must say that splurging on a Burberry scarf is worth it on so many levels! I bought this scarf in 2013? and I have worn it hundreds of times - not joking. I chose to buy the lightweight scarf versus the cashmere winter one, since it has more versatility when it comes to the seasons. The boots are from last year, and you may have seen me talk about how I got the zipper repaired early this season so that I could re-wear them. Investing in a good pair of leather riding boots is also a an essential purchase in my opinion, since it is such a classic fall boot that you will surely way over and over. In addition, repairing shoes is also an excellent idea in order to avoid waste and help your cutest pairs last longer! You can shop similar  from the same brand here.

Now time to get personal. Today is a weird day when it comes to my emotions. The new owners of our condo in Montreal took possession last night, and I have all the feels! Living in Montreal was such a great experience when it came to living that "big city" life. I would definitely recommend that everyone (if possible), live in a city where they know virtually nobody for at least short time in their life. I know that a lot of young people have the opportunity to do this thanks to internships, for example, which is great! We did not expect to leave so soon (or else we probably would not have bought our condo in the first place), but looking back on that time I am grateful for it. I grew so much on a personal level during my year in Montreal. This day "officially" marks letting go of that chapter of my life and moving on to the next, and to be honest I so excited for it. 

What do you think of this look?

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