Casual Holiday Outfit

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Holiday colored blanket scarves, oh how I love you! This outfit is seriously an absolute must-have for a casual holiday look - cute and comfy. I pulled out some basics from my fall closet, such as this ruffle mock neck top and faux-suede skirt, and paired it with a new blanket scarf and these pom pom flats to give it a holiday vibe. 

Blanket scarves are a must in your fall-winter wardrobe, and choosing one with a little bit of red and/or green, is the perfect way to get a little festive without spending $$$. Did I mention that they are incredibly comfy? I can honestly picture myself wearing this scarf during my holiday travels simply because I can legitimately turn it into a blanket if I want to take a nap - it's all about practicality, folks.

Did I also mention how I am obsessed (actually) with the pom-pom shoe trend?! I could not receive my package soon enough to wear these beauties. This will probably be a trend that I will continue to wear from years to come, such as what I have done with leopard print, since I think that the pom-pom adds that extra flare to your basic and otherwise boring flats. 

Speaking about the holidays, I am getting super excited for Christmas! My house is still not move-in ready, so for the meantime I will be helping my mother decorate hers. I also have a few fun ideas of posts to do within the next few weeks. In addition, I still have more holiday looks to share  as we approach Christmas. 

What do you think of this look?

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