How To Set Weekly Goals

Monday, September 11, 2017

No, I cannot talk to you about the importance of setting weekly goals from the perspective of a life of great success. Let's face it, I like many have made countless mistakes throughout my young adult life. I can however tell you that since I have ADD (keeping it real here), I know a thing or two about pushing myself to reach my goals and the struggle that comes along with underachieving. For this reason, I decided to write about some key factors surrounding the process of setting said goals, and how to remain positive in spite of it all.

The rule of 3
I do not know if it is actually called this, but basically the concept is that you limit your day to 3 major activities and you learn to say NO to the rest. For example, today I have to 1) attend an appointment, 2) spend time with my husband and 3) work on my blog. It seems like a super simple concept (you might be thinking - duh), but when you actually start to think about it, you would be surprised at how many of us are taking on way too much and neglecting what is important.  I could easily choose to run all of my errands, work some more, and do countless other things, however chances are that somewhere along the way I would get caught up in the busy-ness of my day and would forget to work on things that are truly important when it comes to accomplishing my weekly goals  and ultimately my dreams - such as getting this blog post up for you today so that I can reach my weekly goal of x-number of new followers to realize my ultimate dream of creating an online community AND spending quality time with my husband so that I reach my weekly goal of having a peaceful week in our marriage and ultimately fulfilling my dream of growing closer as soulmates. When your choose your top 3, you create your day surrounding those things and everything else just tends to fall into place.

Minimize decisional energy
I really want to write an entirely new blog post regarding this topic since it has seriously changed my life. I minimize decisional energy by simplifying my wardrobe, eating pretty much the same food on the weekdays, and using the same beauty products. I have also adopted the concept of "one thing in, one thing out" when it comes to all of my possessions, which has brought me such peace. Living this way has really put me in a position where I am forced to live my life for my goals and not my "stuff".

Use ONE organizational system
You will overwhelm yourself if you are using several different apps and/or stationary tools to organize your life. I like to stick with an old-school planner that I lug around with me pretty much everywhere that I go. I am often tempted to try out the "next best" organizational app, but always stop myself from doing so since I know that focusing my energy into using a new tool is going to detract from the actual process of perfected my own methods. You will also need to practice writing your weekly goals somewhere in said planner,  referring to them often, and checking things off as you go (positive reinforcement). 

Practice gratitude
I often finish my wordy blog posts with something along these lines, however, I really cannot emphasize it enough. Taking a moment everyday to think of the things that you are grateful for not only helps to relieve stress from your life, but causes you feel like a more accomplished person which in turn helps you set even more goals. This is especially important to do during the toughest times in your life - trust me on this one.

Do you have any tips/ideas for setting weekly goals?

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