Red Ruffle Top

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

You guys, I received so many compliments on this ruffle top when I wore it yesterday. It is so flowy and cute, and the color is perfect for your transition into fall. I paired it with my favorite leopard print heels and my new bag, as well as my favorite Burberry scarf. It makes for a perfect "warm fall day" outfit, which I am sure will come in handy since the temperature has been ridiculously hot lately.

Now let me get into life updates. I have really wanted to share with you that we are moving, again! This time into a long-term home until we outgrow it years down the line if we have multiple kids (but I cannot think that far ahead, plus it is important to note that not everyone is able to have children and that we cannot just take it for granted by assuming that it will happen to us). That being said, there are quite a few projects that we have to do in this home, so you probably will not see photos of anything finished just yet. The way that I fell into getting this home was seriously a series of bizarre coincidental circumstances. There were multiple occasions where getting this house seemed as though it was never going to happen, but some way, some how, the deal was presented back on the table. I like to think that God (the universe, fate, etc.) had a hand in this, and for some reason just wanted to make sure that this was the house where I would eventually start my family and gather several wrinkles on my face. I was hesitant in talking about the process due to the uncertainty and the fact that it is a rather humbling one. This is my second "home" owned home (if you count the condo in Montreal, which by the way is still for sale and you should buy it haha), and at the age of 23, and in a country where purchasing a home comes as a challenge for so many (not to bore you with the fact, but purchasing a home in Canada is much more difficult than other countries such as the United-States), I do recognize that I am very lucky.

I hope that you are having a fantastic day and week. Enjoy the summer weather in fall, while it lasts!

What do you think of this look?

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