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Friday, August 11, 2017

Orange top (similar)
Adiva skirt (similar)

This post may turn in to quite the ramble, yet I felt the need to address this topic since it appears to be quite popular among bloggers these days. If you haven't noticed, everyone and their mother appears to be getting into the world of blogging - which is in a way quite awesome. With the power of the internet, we all have the unique opportunity to cultivate inspiration and bond with those we may have never met. That being said however, a voice online proves relatively worthless in generating movement unless it has an audience, and unfortunately, as a result of the rise in popularity of blogging, compounded with the new Instagram algorithm, growing an audience proves even more challenging than ever before. Many individuals are hiring agencies to help them grow their social media accounts, which use methods such as "follow-unfollow" and comment pods (I'll leave it up to you to decide if this is "right"). In addition, other more established bloggers who may have been able to grow their following rapidly in the early days of blogging, are feeling the need to call out those using such methods. As a result, it's safe to say that both sides of the spectrum are "feeling the heat" in this realm of the internet. 

Where do I fall into the mix of this and what does this mean to me? Well, I am a relatively new blogger trying to grow my brand with the same difficulty that many others are facing. All the while I love blogging, the difficulty to grow does take a toll on me. I believe that content is truly no longer king (*personal opinion), and so I find myself continuously trying new methods and experimenting with new topics in order to grow my audience. I am fortunate that I have already cultivated a good "fan base" from my past participation in pageantry, although I can still feel the frustration expressed by those starting from square one. 

I keep myself motivated to blog because #1 I love my readers. I definitely feel the love from you all and I want you to know that I read every single comment and very much appreciate it. I also keep myself motivated because I truly love fashion, beauty and living a balanced life. In addition, I really enjoy sharing my knowledge (although still growing) with whoever I can. One final note, I must say that my biggest motivation is to keep reminding myself of why I started and how having this space has enabled me to develop countless skills, not limited to growing a business.

What motivates you to keep your project, hobby and/or business going?

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