Pool Day

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Joie beach bag (same brand)

Believe it or not, choosing the right swimsuit is such a challenge for me. I have a pear-shaped body, and so I always have to buy the pieces individually. I also have a long torso, and so I am pretty much also confined to choosing a bikini over a one-piece. This swimsuit I picked up from Target is however perfect for this predicament, since I could choose the top based on bra size and the bottom separately. It also comes in several pretty cute colors!

Listed above are a few of my favorite summer pool day necessities. These includes my comfiest flip-flops, the cutest Henri Bendel "wet bikini" pouch, and some delicious wine. My beach bag in this particular color is out of stock, however I highly recommend any of the beach bags from Joie since they are very durable!

What do you think of this pool day look?

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