Wine Review: Castello di Brolio Gran Selezione Chianti Classic 2013

Sunday, October 30, 2016

  • Another great wine to add to the list! I'm not going to lie, I picked up this wine since I thought the bottle was good-looking (I am drawn to olden-style labels as you can see from my previous post). It ended up being a good judgment call however, since I would definitely recommend trying this wine and am going to repurchase it in the future. 

    A vintage wine, it is priced relatively well. It is fermented entirely from Sangiovese grapes, often for up to 3 years. I would describe the wine as being acidic, bold and versatile. I would definitely pair this with red meat and/or a rich tomato and creamy pasta sauce. 

    To summarize, my overall rating is as follows...
    Appearance: Good
    Aroma and Bouquet: Good
    Taste and Texture: Excellent
    Aftertaste: Excellent 
    Overall Rating: 3.5/5

    What are some of your favorite wines?

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