My Perfume Collection: explained

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Throughout the past several years, I have tried numerous perfumes in an effort to figure out the "perfect" combination. My goal was to have an average sized collection of perfume that consisted of a perfume for every major category of occasion and/or mood. I feel fairly confident I've attained this and am super excited to share it with you! As I was creating my collection, I would often snoop the videos of others' collections and blog posts regarding the topic, so I thought it would be fun to share my own. Enjoy!

Right to left

Right to Left
Guerlain aqua allegoria "flora rosa" (similar here)

Miss Dior Cherie
"Enriched with pleasant and almost fruity accents which lead us into a heart with harming popcorns, followed with pralines and vanilla"

I typically wear this perfume to formal gatherings such as galas, or on special occasions such as my birthday. I would label this scent as being of the "classic" and timeless type. 

Prada "candy"
"Magnified by white musks, noble benzoin comes together with a modern caramel accord to give the fragrance a truly unique signature"

I would describe this scent as very "dewy". This is a fragrance I tend to wear in the colder months and especially around Christmas, since it has a rather "cozy" smell.

Mademoiselle Coco Chanel

"Contains sweet and woody notes. The middle notes are turkish rose, jasmine and mimosa."

This is a very classic scent and is a favorite for all age groups. I typically wear this scent when spending an evening out.

Guerlain Aqua "flora rosa"
"Top note is red berries; middle notes are rose and iris and base note is musk"

This is my favorite summer scent since it is very light and floral. I also definitely think that owning a Guerlain perfume is a must, since Guerlain is known as the "original perfume house". 

Chanel chance "eau tendre"
"The unexpected fragrance, expressed in a romantic harmony of Grapefruit, Jasmine and White Musk notes. At once delicate and radiant, with an intoxicatingly light, floral trail"

This is my second favourite spring/summer day scent. I usually wear it when I am getting tired of the Guerlain scent described above. I especially love the notes of grapefruit. 

Burberry Body
"Electric composition of fruity-chypre notes envelopes the body, creating a suggestion of effortless seduction. In the base, woody cashmere and creamy vanilla join the sensuality of amber and musk."

This is my favorite winter day scent. It is versatile and can be suitable as a "night-out" type of scent. It is quite "musky" and warm. I usually wear this on a daily throughout fall and winter.

Pleats Please
"A floral fruity fragrance that is fresh, sweet, tasty, feminine and enlivening."

Mixed emotions on this one. It is a lovely scent for all seasons, however I find that it is too similar to Burberry Body. For this reason, I may or may not get rid of it.

What are some of your favorite perfumes?


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