What I ate Wednesday

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I absolutely love reading these types of posts. I find it quite interesting to see the kinds of recipes that people come up with, and what kind of foods work best in their lifestyle. I thought I would share my own "what I ate Wednesday" post, which will be the first among many more to come. 

I would primarily like to say that I am not a perfect eater. I do not deprive myself and I tend to make meals based on what I feel like eating. I like to be "in tune" with my cravings (in a healthy way!), which tends to be "in sync" to the nutrients that my body actually needs. This is in no way a recommendation of the way in which I think others to eat. I do eat meat and I do consume dairy products, however I try to limit the quantity. I also do not drink milk on its own and I replace it with almond milk wherever possible. In addition, I try to eat organic whenever possible, but do not completely abide by this.

*Notice: this isn't the healthiest day of eating. HOWEVER, I wanted to stay true to the theme of day, so here it goes!

Nature's Path brown sugar maple oatmeal
1 organic banana
Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts
Prana whole black chia seeds

Tim Hortons medium coffee
*Unfortunately...I did not win "roll-up-the-rim"

Campbell's Everyday Gourmet roasted potato & spring leek soup

 Fiesta Mexican style black beans & white corn salsa
Late July organic lime multigrain tortilla chips

Garden salad

Pineapple slices 
chocolate covered strawberry from Edible Arrangements

For breakfast I am usually eating either organic oatmeal with a sliced banana, mixed with chia seeds and hemp hearts, or some sort of egg sandwich. I think that the Nature's Path brown sugar oatmeal is the tastiest, since there are added nuts and a better quality of brown sugar than the typical brands.

At some point in the day I am usually drinking a coffee. Most days I make my own or purchase one from Starbucks, but today I switched it up with a Tim Hortons coffee since I also picked one up for my mother who enjoys their dark roast. 

Today I was craving a soup for lunch due to the cold weather. I only ate a small portion considering that the Campbell's Gourmet soups, although tasty, aren't the healthiest.

For an afternoon snack, I opted for chips and salsa. This is definitely a favorite  I try to make this choice slightly healthy by opting for multigrain chips. I also don't let myself eat too many!

For dinner I made some delicious "tournedos". It looks burnt, but trust me it is not! In addition, I always ensure that I am eating some sort of green food on my plate, and today I opted for a garden salad with a homemade vinaigrette. The salad consists of mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cucumber, and avocado. 

After my meal I decided to finish the night off with a dessert. I opted for pineapple slices and a chocolate covered strawberries. 

What does your daily eating schedule look like?

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