I am sharing with you some other lovely content creators. If you are interested in being featured here, please send me a message (email or through Instagram). I am always looking to help promote women in #thefemininityrevolution, as well as those who make homemaking content! This list is continuously growing. Please remember to visit my personal youtube channel - I specialize in femininity and homemaking.
***Please note, I am not responsible for the individual opinions advocated by each content creator.

Ina specializes in femininity and homemaking.

She makes videos on homemaking and sprinkles-in femininity content.

She provides practical tips on how to be more feminine. 

She discusses femininity and womanhood through a Christian perspective.

A newly engaged woman, she has discusses femininity and homemaking.

She is a writer who enjoys exploring frugal homemaking. She makes long videos and targets a more mature audience.

Lydia is a mature blogger who provides homemaking support podcast-style videos that you can listen to while you do your housework. 

Mina Irfan is someone I have followed for years, and was one of my initial introductions into femininity. She has made hundreds of videos on how to be a high-value feminine woman.

She specializes in vintage content, with an emphasis on feminine and ladylike living.

Andrea discusses homemaking from a vintage perspective.

She provides "real talk" about femininity and hypergamy. The target audience is black women, however makes points that all can enjoy.

She provides "truthful" talk on femininity, and has her own transformation program. Nicole Michelle posts podcast-style videos. Her target audience is black women, however makes points that all can enjoy.

Emily is a minimalist who discusses being a modern homemaker.

She is a younger Youtuber who specializes in classy habits and etiquette..

She is a writer who provides advice on how to live a classy life.

She provides tips on how to be elegant and classy. Her target audience is women who seek to enter "high society".

Nikki emphasizes ladylike living. 

I remember watching her TedTalk several years ago on the 10-item wardrobe, which was my first introduction into minimalist living. Jennifer is a writer and etiquette specialist, and is also a homemaker.

She is a British etiquette specialist and author.

Mrs. Hinch
Westmount Fashionista

Juliana Stewart (Ladies Lets Chat)
Sofia Perez


The Homemaking Foundations
Clean With Me
Thankful Homemaker
The Millennial Homemakers
Modern Homemakers
A Slob Comes Clean

Fascinating Womanhood (they also have a YouTube channel)
Sex Matters
The Surrendered Wife

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