Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Thursday, August 10, 2017

David Tutera wedding gown

In honor of this month marking the first year of marriage to my husband, I thought it would be fun to share a few tips on wedding planning sprinkled throughout the month. The first post I wanted to share is one about picking the perfect wedding dress. Although the most important part of getting married is the union and the promise that you are making to your future spouse, let's be honest, picking the perfect dress can be one of the major stressors and inevitably becomes a priority.

1. Be insistent 
My particular gown was from a trunk show for brides of the following year. I however fell in love with this dress the second I put it on. I was insistent on having the order rushed and thanks to this, along with tip #3, I was successful in being one of the first brides to wear this particular style at their wedding. One important tip to go along with this point however, is to always be polite when requesting special arrangements.

2. Trust your gut
There are so many options to choose from and you will most likely be swayed by several different styles. Try to limit your search to styles recommended for your body shape and go from there. If you try on a particular gown and you absolutely love it, stick with it. You hopefully chose to marry your husband based on feeling and so apply that same instinct when choosing your wedding dress.

3. Shop from someone you know
If you know someone who owns a bridal boutique, shop at that store. Although it may be a glamorous experience to go to a big name bridal store and pick out your gown, at the end of the day what matters most is the wow factor of your gown and not the name of the place that your purchased it from. Buying from someone you know has many perks such as, personalized service and an overall customized investment in your gown. I was lucky that I had been a bridal model several times in the past and was able to get to know owners of shops in my community. However, even if you don't personally know a bridal boutique owner, I would highly recommend asking those married gals in your social circle about shops that they would recommend - when you visit the store don't forget to drop that individual's name. 

4. Consider your venue
The church I had my ceremony at screamed cathedral veil and long wedding gown. Unfortunately, since I had my reception at a smaller space (an art gallery), there was no way a puffy gown would match that space and style. Taking both of these things into consideration, I knew that I needed to go with a two piece gown or have two dresses to switch mid-way through the night. 

5. Remember your future husband
At the end of the day you want to look best for your husband. Although my husband claims that I would look great in "whatever I wear", I'm pretty sure that if I walked down the isle wearing a huge bow on my shoulder or something of that nature, he wouldn't deem it as the "best choice".

Do you have any tips on finding the perfect wedding dress?

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