Winter Weekend Uniform

Thursday, December 29, 2016

I would describe my style as somewhat minimalist and most definitely classic. In the colder months I am a sucker for anything black, which kind of reminds me of this meme. The outfit in this post pretty much embodies everything I just described, and variations of this outfit have been my go-to throughout the past few weekends.

Riding Boots: Unknown (similar here)
Scarf: Hermes (splurge similar here, save here)

I am a big scarf person - sometimes you can catch me wearing one even in the summer. Not sure if the French side of me is responsible for this? I'm not going to lie, a lot of my money goes toward scarves. Thankfully my mother has the same addiction, so we tend to share. She has a thing for the Hermes scarves and let me have this one. The Prada Wallet on a Chain is the older model (the only difference is pretty much just the chain portion of the bag), however the new one looks very similar and can be found here. It is great quality and still looks just like new despite having purchased it several years ago. I find it so practical for city-living, and you will probably see it in several other posts until I move on to my next obsession. 

The riding boots in this post are ones I picked up at one of those shoe stores that carry a lot of different brands in downtown Montreal (I forget the name). They are genuine leather and of a great quality. Similar can be found here. My jeans are from 7 For All Mankind, and my coat is from French Connection. My gloves are basic black leather gloves that can be found at many different stores.

What is your go-to weekend winter look?

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